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9 Reasons The Dude Should Abide The Eagles

Big Lebowski fans know there is much wisdom in The Dude’s words, but we can’t abide his hatred of the Eagles. Here are 9 reasons this aggression against The Eagles will not stand.

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1. If The Eagles hadn’t written Hotel California, The Big Lebowski soundtrack would be missing this slammin’ flamenco version by the Gipsy Kings.

2. They tossed Tom Waits some spare change (and arguably gave him his biggest audience) when they covered his song, "Ol' 55."

3. In the ‘70s, the Eagles were infamous for their post-show appetite for booze, babes, and, as the dude might say, “adhering to a pretty strict drug regimen” for what constituted their “Third Encore.”

4. No less than Dude-approved Creedence frontman John Fogerty hired Don Henley and Timothy B. Schmidt of The Eagles to sing backup for him

5. Joe Walsh, the most Dudeist of all The Eagles, plays a prisoner in the Blues Brothers movie.

6. Minus the gun, you gotta admit Glenn Frey looked pretty Dude on Miami Vice.

7. They gave us the theme for Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

8. The Dude says “Take It Easy” a few times in The Big Lebowski, and The Stranger even drops the song title in the movie’s final speech:

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9. And, if nothing else, we have to respect the Eagles for giving us this scene:

So, what do you think now, Dude?

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