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10 Reasons Why Rush Are Absolutely Amazing

Experience the Rush!

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1. The Holy Trio has been together for nearly 40 years.


The band's signature lineup includes guitarist Alex Lifeson, vocalist/bassist Geddy Lee, and drummer Neil Peart. Together, they've developed a fearsome style over the years, with a knack for howling vocals, tricky time signatures, and busy solos.

2. They've made over 20 studio albums.


That's a lot of music. The band's kept extremely busy producing amazing rock over the years, experimenting with otherworldly styles and taking listeners on a cosmic journey.

One of their most recent releases includes The Studio Albums: 1989-2007 box set.

3. They have a massive legion of diehard fans.


Rush has long held the nickname as the "biggest cult band in the world." Loved by millions, the power-trio's devoted fan base has been known to fill massive stadiums. There's a plethora of fan clubs, internet forums, an even a RushCon(!) – where fans from all over the world gather once a year to celebrate the band's music.

Listen to that crowd roar!

4. Their live shows are THE best.

Via Courtesy of Randy Johnson.

Rush has put on some of the most fantastic live shows in the past four decades. They continue to sell out stadiums and arenas with their extreme musical talent and showmanship. crowned the Canadian power-trio No.1 on their list of "The 30 Best Live Acts in The World Today." If you've been to one of their shows, you're highly unlikely to disagree.

It isn't uncommon for the band to play over a three and a half hour set live.

Known for his massive drum ensemble, unconventional percussion instruments, and otherworldly drum solos, Peart has made some serious noise over the decades!

Can a drum solo get any more cosmic than this?!

Featured on the band's 2008 Snakes & Arrows Live album, this solo clocks in at a whopping eight minutes, two seconds!

6. Their musical style is constantly evolving.


It's difficult to summarize Rush into any one rock genre. The band's sound has evolved a great deal over the years, but they've always been a trio that delivers complex, intricate music. Some of their most notable musical periods include:

- Early Zeppelin-like days of the mid '70s

- Out-of-this-world prog masterpieces of the late '70s

- The classical-inspired period of the early '80s

- The heavy-synth days of the late '80s

- The return of muscle, metal, and brawn in the '90s and on

7. The band was one of the first to incorporate new technologies in their material.


With only three members in the band, Rush had to figure out how to overcome their lack on manpower. One way they worked towards solving this issue was by adopting the synthesizer into their music in the '70s. Later on, Peart incorporated Simmons Electronic Drums in 1985. Lee & Lifeson are also known for their slick skills on the double-neck guitar.

8. Many of the band's lyrics are inspired by literature.


Just listen to their body of work. Drummer Neil Peart took on the role of writing most of the lyrics for the band, and books have always been a massive influence on him. The band's smash breakthrough record, 2112, is a great example. Peart has cited that the album was inspired by Ayn Rand's book, The Fountainhead.

"The Body Electric" is about a robot who gains sentience.

"2112" is about, what else, the future!

10. They've inspired many musicians.


The band's musical talents have gone on to inspire many artists, including Billy Corgan, Dave Grohl & Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, Les Claypool of Primus, and Steve Harris of Iron Maiden – to name a few.

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