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17 Pairs Of Cufflinks That Are Also Lifehacks

Cufflinks aren't just about style anymore. They can help you in the office and the wilderness too. Because you need that.

1. For the man who gets lost a lot

2. For the pyromaniac/smoker

3. For the timekeeper

4. For the dangerous

5. For the stylish geek

6. For the person who has a QR code reader on their phone

7. For the person who doesn't like cufflinks but still wants cufflinks or buys shirts that require cufflinks by mistake

8. For the man who rules the world

9. For the man who doesn't know what day it is

10. For the would-be carpenter

11. For the office referee

12. For the numbers man

13. For the clock-watcher

14. For the secret agent/romantic

15. For the entertainer

16. For the sickly man

17. For the poisoner/smuggler