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    • johnm239

      I tease Vegans since several of my Friends are Vegans but this is getting out of hand we all have our beliefs and we know what staples our bodies need so how about we all shut the fuck up stop whining and bitching an forcing our beliefs onto others and just for once fucking enjoy life or are there too many drama queens out there and most people here know I was only teasing except for the fact I have hunted my food but not getting into that. If neither side can shut the fuck up I will request tha this page gets closed for good and any other Vegan page or meat eater page gets abolished so no one can say shit since no one really cares what the hell you eat or I eat or they eat. GROW THE FUCK UP AND ALLOW OTHERS TO HAVE A LIFE. there its Done said over with no more comments all agreed good now go about your lives as normal.

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