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    • johnd55

      “31 worst people on the planet?” That’sabit much, don’t you think? Yes these people are despicable, but hardly more thanademographic. You might have said “31 worst TYPES of people on the planet”, then listed say, Racists, Child molesters, Con men that steal from pensioners, etc.  Is President Obamaa’good person’? He signed into law the NDAA of 2012 which invalidates the Constitution and the Bill of rights. American citizens can be arrested on suspicion without trial and held indefinitely, as in FOREVER. What your Grandfathers and fathers fought and risked their lives to prevent, Obama made happen with the stroke ofapen.  Obama is also murdering innocent women and children with Predator drones right now. He never stopped the disastrous policy of the Bush regime, he just expanded it. More illegal wars run on credit cards, paid for by the taxpayers.  Yet somehow, Obama (and Mitt Romney for that matter) don’t even make the list? People that abuse animals or sexually abuse children don’t make the list?

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