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What If Tech Companies Were Peeps?

These peeps are going to disrupt your taste buds. Vote for your favorite!

Joe Stanco • 4 years ago

40 Iconic Movie Images Recreated In LEGO

Slide between the original and a LEGO® style mosaic. Best viewed on desktop! Create your own using BuzzFeed's Brickify tool.

Joe Stanco • 5 years ago

Brickify Yourself

Turn your selfie into a mosaic of colorful bricks!

Joe Stanco • 5 years ago

What It's Really Like Being BuzzFeed

As explained by "You Mad?" memes.

Joe Stanco • 6 years ago

4 Mexican Math Equations

It all adds up to delicious.

Joe Stanco • 6 years ago

20 Most Muggable Babies Of Instagram

Either these parents have a drinking problem or these drinks have a parent problem...

Joe Stanco • 6 years ago

10 Practical Uses For Phone Books

Those piles of data polluting meatspace might be more useful than we thought.

Joe Stanco • 6 years ago

15 Funniest Pics Of Guys Wearing Earmuffs

Despite being invented by a man named Chester Greenwood nearly 140 years ago, earmuffs are infamously emasculating. Here are some of the best examples of guys trying to pull off the controversial look.

Joe Stanco • 6 years ago