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The Top Ten Redheaded Women

The British Heart Foundation have produced a list of top redheaded ladies. But how fiery and fierce are they?

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Okay, so she's not always been on her best behaviour, but Lindsay certainly lives up to the reputation of the 'fiery redhead' - and we love her for it.

And things are looking up, as she's now starring in 'Speed the Plow' on the West End. Of course, we'll never love her more than we did when she was battling The Plastics in 'Mean Girls'.

So fetch.

9. Florence (minus her Machine)

Daniel Boud / Via

One of the coolest ladies on the list, Florence Welch has worked with some big names in the music industry - from David Byrne and Fatboy Slim to Calvin Harris. Although she's a natural brunette, she's become known for her red hair (which completely justifies her appearance on this list...)

8. Lily Cole

Carter Smith / Via

Model and actress Lily hits the number eight spot. She may make millions from her appearance now, but Lily was bullied at school for being 'ginger' and (as she told the Mail on Sunday), it left her feeling pretty insecure:

"When I'd meet people, I would think they wouldn't like me – that was an actual thought process – because I'm a redhead. It's absolutely absurd."

Don't worry, Lily - everyone LOVES your hair.

7. Karen Gillan

Simon Ridgway / Via

Karen made a name for herself as Amy Pond, the sassy companion to Matt Smith's Dr Who.

Like Lily, she suffered playground bullying for her now famed hair, but it only built up her confidence. Case in point: she shaved her head BALD to play a villain in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. How many of us would have the guts to do that?

6. Gillian Anderson

Mark Liddell / Via

Gillian Anderson's career covers film, stage and writing work - but if wer'e honest, she'll always be Scully to us.

Arguably one of the most iconic sci-fi heroines of all time, Dana Scully is a role that only could've gone to Anderson, who made her the perfect confident and rational counterpart David Duchovny's enthusiastic puppy-dog paranormal enthusiast.

5. Isla Fisher

If you're not old enough to remember her as Shannon in Home & Away (crikey), you'll know Isla from movie roles such as Gloria in 'Wedding Crashers', Rebecca in 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' and Myrtle in 'The Great Gatsby'.

When she was a little girl, Isla would apparently use her red hair as an excuse for her fiery temper. I think you'll agree - GENIUS.

Bonus Isla fact: she's trained in clowning, mime and commedia dell'arte. So, you know, probably makes sense that she's married to infamous prankster, Sacha Baron Cohen.

4. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman's look has changed a lot of over the years as she's taken on all kinds of roles - but we know and love her best as a redhead. In fact, she's now a natural blonde, having grown out of the her childhood gingerness. Still, it works. Just not quite enough to snag the top spot...

Sorry Nicole, no top three for you.

3. Julia Roberts

'Pretty Woman', 'Mystic Pizza', 'Steel Magnolias' - is it a coincidence that all her (arguably) best roles, featured Julia's huge mass of red hair? She made us all want to reach for the dye. And the curlers, obviously.

But still, it's not enough to get her to the top of the list. Sorry Jules - close, but not close enough.

2. Christina Hendricks

Five-times Emmy nominated Christina is best known for her role as Joan in 'Mad Men' - a character who fights for respect in a world where women are objectified and ruled over on a daily basis.

Joan is the complicated, determined queen bee of the office and, just like the actress, is keen to prove there's a lot more to her than the way she looks.

1. Emma Stone

A. Drucker / Via

Top of the chart, it's the hilarious, relatable, utterly adorable Emma Stone.

Whether she's treading the boards, working to fight women's cancer, making out with Spiderman or acting opposite Ryan Gosling's incredible 'Photoshopped' abs, there's something about her that makes you want to be her best friend.

She may not be a natural redhead but, after Judd Apatow suggesting that she try it for her role in Superbad, she fell in love with it. And we fell in love with her.

Congrats Emma - Best. Redhead. Ever.

Don't agree?

Wondering why Jessica Chastain isn't on the list? Julianne Moore? Geri Halliwell, for crying out loud? Who do you think should've made the top spot?

And what about the top redheaded men, I hear you cry?

Well, hello boys.

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