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How British Were Your Teenage Years?

Were you necking Lambrini when you should have been studying?

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  1. 1. How British were your teenage years?

    Went to Reading / Leeds festival.
    Had "Mr Brightside" by The Killers as your jam.
    Had a blog.
    Got an ill-advised tattoo.
    Had a MySpace alter-ego.
    Asked your friend if someone was online so you could check if they blocked you.
    Made your friends/classmates in Sims.
    Rinsed all your money on your pay-as-you-go mobile.
    Downloaded polyphonic ringtones.
    Got a new song on your phone and had to bluetooth it to everyone in your year.
    Worried that people could steal your identity via bluetooth.
    Tried to convince your parents that mobile phones probably wouldn't give you cancer.
    Drawn a dick on your friend's Bebo "Whiteboard".
    Drawn dicks all over your friend's exercise books.
    Played a game which basically involved hitting your friends in the balls. (Names vary)
    Played a game which basically involved pulling your friend's trousers down in public.
    Played knuckles (the version with just fists).
    Played slaps.
    Played bloody knuckles (the version with the pound coin).
    Still have scars from any of the above games, emotional or physical.
    Performed a choreographed dance routine in front of school.
    Loved "getting low" to songs.
    Owned "Jack Wills" clothing.
    Got the "Jack Wills" catalogue.
    Was embarrassed buying condoms.
    Dutifully kept your friends updated on which base you and your partner had got to.
    Knew exactly how much sex everyone in your year was or wasn't having.
    Dated someone too old for you.
    Gone on a regrettable girly/lads holiday.
    Had an incestuous friendship group.
    Gone to the local STI clinic with your friends for tests - just in case.
    Had a pregnancy scare.
    Was suspended for bad behaviour.
    Skipped school.
    Picked your GCSEs / A Levels based on what your friends / crush were doing.
    Hung out in a Starbucks during sixth form / college because it was cool.
    Took hundreds of pictures on every social occasional and uploaded them all to Facebook.
    Got trip hoodies with a cringe-inducing nickname.
    Made CD compilations.
    Bought an iPod nano.
    Copied your homework from someone else at form time.
    Faked your parent's signature for your homework diary.
    Painstakingly covered your exercise books in wrapping paper / wallpaper samples.
    Resat an exam.
    Ironically did the "Sexy A Levels" results day jump.
    Endured cringeworthy parent's evenings.
    Planned an amazing leaver's prank.
    Not actually followed through with the prank because school threatened to ban you from the prom.
    Had a really regrettable home-dye job.
    Dealt with that awkward transition where your parents still had to buy your clothes but they didn't approve of what you wanted.
    Worn Uggs.
    Smoked weed for the first time like it wasn't a big deal.
    Acted like you knew everything about drugs because you'd smoked weed.
    Was sold fake drugs.
    Ordered legal highs from the internet.
    Blamed your hangover on food poisoning to your parents.
    Had one friend with the most convincing ID so they always bought the booze.
    Drank white lightning or K cider.
    Drank the cheapest bottle of wine from the off licence.
    Drank lambrini (lol).
    Went to a regular pub you knew they wouldn't ID you in.
    Look down on underage drinkers the second you turned 18.
    Have an of-age alter ego you could pretend to be when talking to strangers in the pub.
    Drink in parks, or car parks.
    Have one friend with cool parents who bought you drinks.
    Had a secret house party when your parents went out of town for the night.
    Had your house trashed.
    Trashed someone else's house.
    Argued for hours over the rules of Ring of Fire.
    Played strip poker.
    Smoked without inhaling.
    Tried to learn to roll cigarettes.
    Got a provisional licence as soon as you turned 17.
    Failed at lease one test.
    Got a car as soon as you passed.
    Didn't get a car/ learn to drive, and relied on your friends to drive you places.
    Compared your life to "Skins".
    Compared your life to "The Inbetweeners".
    Knew all the words to "Mean Girls"
    Tried to be like "Jackass".
    Switched over to the music channels during the adverts just to avoid the "Crazy Frog" adverts.
    Spent way too much money on your prom.
    Knew, or heard of, at least one person who arrived to their prom in a helicopter.

How British Were Your Teenage Years?

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How British Were Your Teenage Years?

You got: Not at all British

Somehow you avoided the pitfalls that most British teenagers endure, but you have too many of your own awkward adolescence stories to make up for not having 800 stories about buying Sainsbury's basics vodka and getting drunk in the park every Friday.

Not at all British
Flickr: arvindgrover
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You got: Quite British

Your teenage years were greatl; you drank underage occasionally but were in no rush to grow up. Certainly you're not the one with embarrassing photos tagged from years 9-12 all over your Facebook.

Quite British
Channel 4
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You got: Very British

Mate, you had a wild one. Your philosophy was YOLO before YOLO was a thing; You tried to cram as much into your short teenage years as you could, and you've got no regrets. (Well, expect for that one time, you know the one. But we don't speak of that anymore.)

Very British
Channel 4
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You got: Bloody British!

With teenage years so stuffed to the brim with awkward and bad decisions, it is a wonder you've survived this long! But you've taken stories and friendships from it that will last you a lifetime, no regrets here.

Bloody British!
Channel 4
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