The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Drinking Game

Valentine’s Day is dumb. Time to chug.

1. You see a naked baby with wings.


2. You see one of these stuffed animals.


3. You wonder WHO buys these things?


4. Someone uses the holiday as an excuse for PDA.


5. You see a sad bouquet.


6. You see someone carrying something insane.


7. You didn’t even realize it was Valentine’s Day.


8. You eat a chocolate with an unrecognizable substance in it.


9. You see something made of chocolate that should not be made of chocolate.


10. You’re counting down the hours until the candy goes on sale.

Flickr: ethomsen / Creative Commons


11. You get a conversation heart that insults your intelligence.


12. You suddenly realize this is a completely candy-based holiday.


13. You see a couple who clearly isn’t enjoying themselves.


14. You realize just getting a normal meal could be challenging.


15. You realize Valentine’s Day peaked in grade school.


16. Someone says “Happy Valentine’s Day!” and is met with a death stare.


Game Logistics Note: Unless you’re carrying a flask around (not recommended), you’re allowed to keep a tally of these throughout the day and drink later.

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