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Should Your Cat Run For President?

Does Fluffy have plans for 2016 or what?

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  1. My cat is smart.
    My cat looks presidential.
    My cat just seems like a leader.
    My cat loves America.
    My cat has not been involved in any embarrassing scandals.
    My cat is well liked by the public.
    My cat is charismatic.
    My cat has the kind of face people can trust.
    My cat doesn't mind meeting new people.
    My cat would not be corrupted by power.
    My cat would look good on TV.
    My cat has a lot of big ideas.
    My cat doesn't get caught up in partisan bickering.
    My cat cares about people.
    My cat believes in freedom.
    My cat is a figure people look up to.
    My cat could stand at a podium without scratching it.
    My cat is not easily discouraged.
    My cat would probably look damn good in a suit.
    My cat is wearing a suit right now.
    My cat would be OK with wearing a tie.
    My cat is already wearing a tie.
    I could probably figure out a way for my cat to wear an American flag pin.
    My cat looks dignified.
    My cat was born in the United States.
    My cat is 35 in cat years.
    My cat is 35 in people years.
    My cat lives in the United States.
    My cat is good under pressure.
    My cat wants to make a difference.
    My cat has a vision for America.
    My cat is honest.
    My cat is good at making decisions.
    My cat is good at public speaking/meowing.
    My cat could win a debate.
    My cat is good in leadership roles.
    My cat has served in public office.
    My cat has access to campaign funds.
    I am willing to serve as my cat's campaign manager.
    My cat would kiss a baby.
    My cat uses the litter box in a fashion I would describe as "presidential."
    I think my cat would like to work in the Oval Office.
    My cat is knowledgeable about foreign affairs.
    My cat has been in the same room as a news program or a newspaper.
    My cat is willing to make sacrifices to serve our country.
    My cat surrounds itself with good people.
    My cat would be good at addressing the nation.
    People would vote for my cat.
    My cat has integrity.
    My cat should lead the free world.

Should Your Cat Run For President?

You already know that if your cat was in office it would be a total disaster. Your cat probably sleeps all day and couldn't be bothered to keep any campaign promises. There's no way your cat should run for president. That would be ridiculous. Keep your cat out of politics.

Flickr: raneko
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Your cat would probably do a better job than many politicians already in office, but the chances of getting all the way to the White House are slim. Your cat would run a good campaign but odds are America is just not ready for your cat as president.

Flickr: endbradley
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Your cat should absolutely be the next president of the United States. There is no doubt.

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