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Are You Afraid Of Confrontation?

This quiz is confronting you.

  1. If you had a roommate and they ate your food without asking, what would you do?

  2. If you were at a restaurant and the waiter served you the wrong food, what would you do?

  3. You’re buying something at a store. The cashier charges you too much. What do you do?

  4. You’re hanging out with your best friend and they keep screaming (for fun). You don’t enjoy the screaming. What do you do?

  5. Your friend comes over to your home. They say they’re going to open a jar of bees. What do you do?

  6. You’re at a restaurant with a friend. Your friend says they don’t want any French fries. You order fries. Your friend eats most of your fries. What do you do?