How Antisocial Are You?

See ya never!

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  1. Check all that apply.
    1. 1 I’m the opposite of a “social butterfly.”
    2. 2 I don’t know what a “social butterfly” is.
    3. 3 I’d rather stay in than go out.
    4. 4 I don’t like talking to people.
    5. 5 I hate talking to people.
    6. 6 I’m bad at talking to people.
    7. 7 I honestly don’t know what you’re supposed to talk about with people.
    8. 8 I’d rather fight a bear than talk on the phone.
    9. 9 I like animals more than people.
    10. 10 I don’t like parties.
    11. 11 I hate parties.
    12. 12 I’d rather punch myself in the face than go to a party.
    13. 13 I would not attend an ice cream social unless I could take the ice cream and run away.
    14. 14 When someone asks “So, what do you do?” a piece of my soul dies.
    15. 15 I hate having plans.
    16. 16 I wish I could cancel all my plans without being a jerk.
    17. 17 I go to most social gatherings purely out of obligation.
    18. 18 I have thought about jumping out a window to end a conversation.
    19. 19 I have gone out of my way to avoid seeing someone I know so I don’t have to talk to them.
    20. 20 Meeting new people is my worst nightmare.
    21. 21 Talking to my neighbors is my worst nightmare.
    22. 22 Calling to make an appointment is my worst nightmare.
    23. 23 Getting a haircut is my worst nightmare.
    24. 24 Bars are my worst nightmare.
    25. 25 Clubs are my worst nightmare.
    26. 26 Weddings are my worst nightmare.
    27. 27 Elevator conversations are my worst nightmare
    28. 28 Conversations are my worst nightmare.
    29. 29 I would rather escape through the emergency exit than have a conversation with a stranger on a plane.
    30. 30 I’m disappointed that all store checkouts aren’t self checkouts.
    31. 31 I’m disappointed my daily interactions with strangers have not yet been replaced by robots.
    32. 32 I have avoided doing something because it involved talking to another person.
    33. 33 Being able to order food online changed my life.
    34. 34 I usually prefer being alone.
    35. 35 My idea of a party is a bunch of food, Netflix, and no other people.
    36. 36 I prefer to leave large social gatherings without saying goodbye to everyone.
    37. 37 I wish I could text my order to the waiter at restaurants.
    38. 38 If I randomly see someone I know in public I hide and pretend not to see them.
    39. 39 There is no better feeling than leaving a social gathering to go home.
    40. 40 Don’t talk to me.

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