Are You A Sandwich?

It’s time to find out the truth.

  1. Check all that apply to you.
    1. 1 I’m covered in mayonnaise.
    2. 2 I’m wearing two or more pieces of bread.
    3. 3 I’m surrounded by lunch meat.
    4. 4 I’m handheld and portable.
    5. 5 I have been referred to as “finger food.”
    6. 6 Someone squirted me with mustard and I felt like I deserved it.
    7. 7 There’s a pickle literally millimeters from me.
    8. 8 I was born inside a deli.
    9. 9 My dad was a slab of Boar’s Head smoked turkey.
    10. 10 My mom was a block of swiss cheese.
    11. 11 A tomato just slid right off me.
    12. 12 I’m inside a fridge right now.
    13. 13 Someone tried to put me inside a lunch box.
    14. 14 I’m inside a lunch box.
    15. 15 I’m covered in cheese.
    16. 16 My nickname is “Sando.”
    17. 17 I’m sitting on top of a plate.
    18. 18 My mortal enemy is a wrap.
    19. 19 I have been stabbed with a toothpick.
    20. 20 Someone tried to toast me.
    21. 21 Someone referred to me as “the number 5.”
    22. 22 Someone pointed to me and said, “Hey look! A sandwich.”
    23. 23 Someone tried to eat me.
    24. 24 More than one person has tried to eat me.
    25. 25 Please help me. I’m in danger.

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