17 Shady Celebrity Looks You Could Never Pull Off


1. The cheekbone enhancers.

“Don’t forget about my elite facial structure…for even a second.”

2. Angelina’s humanitarian aviators.

These frames tell you “I’ve flown to a higher moral plane” without the nuisance of puny mortal words.

3. Johnny Depp’s I-never-really-left-The-Secret-Window glasses.

He wins for his lifetime role of sexy recluse.

4. Bey’s Diva shades.

Unless you’re a male model.


…belonging to a celebrity, of sorts.

7. As well as Britney’s out-of-control (that is to say, “2009”) version.

8. Or you could get a little Rococo with it.

9. Sixty watts of sexy.

10. Sean Penn’s baby aviators.

11. These meshy Steampunk kitchenette specs.

No celeb has worn them yet … so get some unsifted flour and impress all your friends.

12. Nicole Richie’s instagatin’ cat eyes.

13. Amber Rose’s cyborg sunnies.

For when you’re between planets.

14. Rihanna’s lacy lookers.

15. Amanda’s power pouters

16. The ultimate game-enders.

Make making out impossible.

17. Just always remember, you don’t have to be unfamous to not pull off a pair of shades.

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