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    31 Practical Things From Walmart That’ll Help You Get Ready For Fall

    Everything you'll need to deal with all the leaves, apples, open flames, dropping temps, or whatever else the third season has to offer.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A KitchenAid nonstick rolling pin for all those pies you "plan" on baking with all the fresh fruit you've gone and picked. Plus that hole in the handles means you can hang it up to store.

    A metal rolling pin with red handles

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this rolling pin! The nonstick coating is fantastic and hasn't failed me yet. I like that the roller is large and is very wide as well. There are grips on the handles that make it very easy to handle and makes me feel like I have good control of the pin no matter what might be on my hands. It is also very easy to clean!" —Linda

    Price: $19.79.

    2. A metal rake to gather up all those leaves the old-fashioned way and get a decent workout while getting some fresh air (at least that's what you can tell yourself to get through fall's worst chore).

    Model using black metal rake with a bright orange handle

    Promising review: "Went online and asked as to what was the best leaf rake on the market, the reply was this one! I have used it twice and wouldn't dream of using any other! This rake is the BEST!" —Rem870

    Price: $19.82.

    3. A two-pack of machine-washable fleece plush throw blankets so you and your cuddle buddy (human or pet) can keep warm when those temps start to drop later in the year.

    A stack of five folded fleece blankets in different plaid colors

    Promising review: "Really nice blankets, super-super soft even after they come out of the dryer! Did not pill up like some others I've owned (I dry them on low for 20 minutes.) Using them on my sofa set to keep the pet hair off; they match perfectly and are very comfy to sit on :) Very pleased!" —Mom896

    Price: $12.87 (available in five colors).

    4. A two-pack of soft, corduroy decorative throw pillows that come in so many colors you'll be able to change them up every season to (pumpkin) spice up your home.

    Two beige-colored pillows with corduroy ribbing

    Promising review: "Very happy with these pillows. They are fluffy and I like the fact that I can remove the covers and wash them when needed. I actually ordered one set of the grey and one set of the red. The pop of color is just what my room needed." —JeannieB

    Price: $19.92+ (available in fives sizes and 18 colors).

    5. A set of three heavy-duty, reusable canvas tote bags for a day of apple picking or grabbing any kind of fruit and vegetables from your local farmer's market.

    Two white canvas tote bags, one with green handles and a strawberry image and the other with red handles and a gnome image

    Price: $17.08+ (available in two styles).

    6. A 28-inch round wood-burning fire pit, because roasting s'mores and telling ghost stories always requires an outdoor (semi) open flame.

    Blazing fire in a bronze frame firepit with poker and mesh cover

    Promising review: "It’s perfect. The size is not too big or too small just perfect. I've had it for two weeks now and my family loves it. Easy to clean and lightweight. I can take it with me anywhere. For the price, it’s worth it." —Rosalin

    Price: $42.

    7. A Google Nest learning thermostat to customize and control your home's temperature setting and hopefully save some money on heating costs for the colder seasons ahead.

    A round digital screen Nest thermostat set at 70 degrees

    Promising review: "I love this thermostat. It is connected to my Alexa devices plus my phone. It learns your temperature patterns, too. Very convenient and the color looks wonderful with hardwood floors." —Tee7

    Price: $219.98 (available in four colors).

    8. A bag of Brach’s candy corn, because even if you don't like eating it, a big 'ol bowl of this colorful confectionery makes for a bright seasonal decoration.

    A bowl filled with colorful candy corn

    Promising review: "This candy corn is amazing! More so because of the big bag that brings lots of amazing sweetness! Perfect for the fall!" —Candylover

    Price: $4.98.

    9. An all-purpose electric blower for clearing out patios, driveways, decks, and garages with up to 155 mph air speeds. Leaves, dirt, and dust don't stand a chance.

    Model's hand using a red and black electric blower to move leaves

    Promising review: "This thing is lightweight and has some major power! It shipped fast, was just under 18 bucks! It blew everything away. Stuck wet piles of leaves... caked-up grass trimmings left to become one with the sidewalk... cleared it all away. This thing is freaking awesome." —Justashopper

    Price: $17.22 (available in four colors).

    10. A three-pack of Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider, because apple juice is for children (especially in juice box form) and this sparkling version is soooooooo adult! Also, a little bit of the bubbly makes a great seasonal cocktail mixer.

    Three green glass bottles of sparkling apple cider

    Promising review: "This is by far one of my favorite drinks, ever! The sparkling cider is so crisp and just lightly sweet. Not too light, but not too heavy, just perfect. I love that its made from fresh apples, and no sugar or artificial sweeteners added." —Orangetta

    Price: $15.41.

    11. A Wilson official NFL "Super Grip" football, which most certainly isn't made of pigskin, but that won't stop you from reliving your "glory days" on the gridiron. Just remember to practice your pump fakes if you haven't tossed in a while.

    Brown leather football with Wilson and NFL logo

    Promising review: "I was shocked how nice this football is. It's made well and the grip is awesome. I shopped around and this is the best deal out there- great price. Perfect for backyard ball. The only downside I can think of is the strings are plastic- not a big deal though. You wouldn't be disappointed with this purchase." —thgfeijpp98muytgbnju

    Price: $14.90 (originally $24.99, available in two sizes).

    12. A zip-up, cotton-poly-blended Fruit of the Loom fleece full-zip hooded sweatshirt to make your go-to "going outside to do this quick thing that could turn into a not-so-quick thing" fall wardrobe item.

    Model wearing a saffron-colored zip-up hoodie

    Promising review: "I bought this hoodie two years ago and loved it so much that this year when I saw on line the other colors I just grabbed it They are very comfortable cozy and fit pretty good They also come out very good after machine wash like new, every time I wash them." —Ali

    Price: $9.96 (available in sizes S–3XL and 10 colors).

    13. A set of collapsible walking/hiking sticks for traversing nearly any terrain you encounter.


    Promising review: "Lightweight walking sticks that work on ice, snow, and dry surfaces. Cork covered handles stay cool. Sticks adjust in two places. Best to adjust the handles so the forearms are in an approximate 90 degrees with the elbow. A good buy." —Koya

    Price: $44.99.

    14. An easy-to-assemble wheelbarrow that'll carry up to 300-pounds of whatever (or whomever) you can fit in its rustproof, plastic tray.

    Model using a green wheelbarrow with black wheels and handle

    Promising review: "It was easy to assemble. The instructions were clear and concise. It is easy to use both pushing and pulling on the grass. Cleaning is also easy. just rinse it with a water hose." —Claire

    Price: $69.99.

    15. A striped cowl neck tunic sweater to keep you both stylish and warm when it gets a little too windy or chilly out there.

    An oatmeal heather sweater with blue horizontal stripes and a turtle neck

    Promising review: "Love this sweater. It is warm and cozy. I ordered a size down because my regular size was too big and didn't look good. But the size down is perfect! I get many compliments on this item and it looks expensive." —Nani

    Price: $23.98.

    16. A resin wicker garden hose guide and hideaway, because your hose that worked hard all summer long needs to hibernate when fall clean up is done so it doesn't get damaged by impending cold weather.

    A brown faux-resin square hose container box with a black crank handle

    Promising review: "Could not have chosen a better hose hide-a-way. Looks great. Keeps the hose neatly in place. Easy to use. Even though the hose is heavy, it is easy to "wind" up after use." —Lily

    Price: $68.95.

    17. A 40-ounce Thermos stainless steel bottle for holding your hottest chocolates, lattes, or toddies and keeping them that way if you can't get to sipping until later in the day.

    A black thermos with a silver top

    Promising review: "I wanted this Thermos to keep coffee warm, and it does exactly that. I make a pot of coffee in the a.m., have a cup, then put the rest of the coffee in the thermos. It keeps the coffee hot all day and there is no bitter taste. I would recommend this item." —Lisado

    Price: $22.99+ (available in two colors).

    18. A bag of Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall weed and feed, because fall is the best time to nurture your lawn to build stronger and deeper roots for the springtime.

    Model holding a large yellow bag of Scotts turf builder
    Walmart / Mitch Wiebel

    Promising review: "Heads up- this product is VERY effective. So effective that it will kill the wild grasses too. Found out the hard way. If you have wild buffalo grass etc, do not apply this product to those areas if you want to keep it. The rest of my yard has flourished. The turf (Bermuda, Blue Kentucky, etc.) LOVE it." —Imagabba

    Price: $21.87.

    19. A long, lightweight Pashmina scarf to "protect ya neck" but also add a splash of color to your more quiet fall tones.

    Model wearing a bright red scarf

    Promising review: "I really like this scarf. It was the perfect length and weight. I looked all over for a scarf like this in black and it was impossible to find. I especially love the price. What a bargain." —Shopper3399

    Price: $7.99 (available in nine colors).

    20. A 40-count box of Hefty Strong "Lawn & Leaf" extra-large trash bags, because all those leaves you raked have got to go somewhere that can't handle their weight and not get easily destroyed by weather, animals, or other neighborhood threats.

    Orange box containing black Hefty bags with blue ties

    Promising review: "It is so hard to find this size trash bags that hold enough to fill up the bag without ripping at the ties or end up with holes but these Hefty Strong 39-gallon bags hold up and do the job!" —Ang0303

    Price: $12.98.

    21. A large apple and pumpkin-scented Yankee Candle to fill your home with the unofficial (but kind of official, actually) smell of the season. The best part? You don't have to choose between your two favorite scents.

    A glass jar with a lit red candle inside

    Promising review: "As far as Yankee candles go, this is perfect for those who want a fragrance that's immediately apparent, but not overpowering like other holiday scents. Like other Yankee candles of this size, expect to get about 6-12 days out of it, depending on whether you let it burn for 12-24 hours a day. As a gift for someone who loves Yankee or sweet-smelling candles, these can't be beaten as they are very weighty in feel and have such a great fragrance." —lsh2019

    Price: $16.88.

    22. A pair of waterproof, rubber-soled steel toe work boots for kicking the tires, lighting the fires, or whatever chore you feel that the safety of your toes is in question.

    Split image of the side view and sole view of a brown steel toe work boot

    Promising review: "I have bought these boots for many years and have never had an issue. They wear as good as any high priced boots and I can buy 5 pairs for the price of one pair of the others. Don't hesitate to purchase these." —Gearbox

    Price: $23.78 (available in men's sizes 5.5–15).

    23. A six-pack of Duraflame firelogs to easily get that fire started and burning for a good three hours (results may vary).

    Packs of Duraflame logs next to a roaring fire

    Promising review: "Purchased for a firepit get together and they worked out great. Ended up using two logs over the course of four hours with burn to spare. Burned fairly clean - roasted marshmallows, not sure if that was healthy but we assumed so." —Andrea

    Price: $24.99.

    24. An oscillating, electric tower heater with a remote control so you can warm things up at night or early in the morning without actually turning up the heat throughout your home.

    Gray, black, and silver tower heater

    Promising review: "I love this little heater due to the fact that it does not take long to warm up any space especially when you have it on high. I find myself turning it off because I get extremely hot with it just being on which is not a bad thing." —King1125

    Price: $58.64.

    25. A plaid flannel shirt, because it's a classic component for every fall uniform that never goes out of style and always feels comfortable whenever you put it on.

    Model wearing an unbuttoned long sleeve navy and purple plaid shirt

    Promising review: "I love the shirt. The color is beautiful. Good quality shirt. With that being is so long that it could almost pass for a dress. I am 5'2' and even being that short the shirt simply should not be that long. It should be advertised as a tunic." —GoGo1010

    Price: $24.11+ (available in women's sizes S–5X).

    26. A pair of soft, foam-lined ultra-light knee pads for getting down and dirty in the backyard without putting too much pressure on those patellas.

    Model wearing green knee pads while tending to garden

    Promising review: "They are not just for gardening. I am a housecleaner, so great protection for my knees Been using them for years. I clean floors on my hands & knees, so these are perfect." —Obexer1995

    Price: $8.49.

    27. A Rubbermaid "Brute" outdoor trash can that won't mind when you kick it to the curb (on trash or recycling pick-up days at least).

    Model holding a large greenish gray garbage container

    Price: $54.60.

    28. A 12-pack of regular mouth glass mason jars with lids and bands for ambitious gourmands looking to can jams, jellies, preserves, or any other seasonal fruit and veggies concoctions they've created.

    Canning jars with silver lids filled with fruits and vegetables

    Promising review: "I do a lot of jam making and I really like the quilted jars because they are festive and happy looking! Walmart always has the very best prices on these jars. I've looked everywhere! Their service online has improved tremendously! I ordered these on a Sunday morning and they were delivered by Monday afternoon! Yeah!" —Kim

    Price: $8.48.

    29. A three-piece set of cotton flannel bed sheets, because that first chilly night sliding under these is one of the single best moments to look forward to every single fall.

    A folded and stacked set of multi-plaid flannel sheets

    Promising review: "What a great bargain these sheets are! The first thing I did was throw them in the washer on warm then dried on medium. They came out so nice! They are a lighter flannel, perfect for summer but easily for winter too. I absolutely love mine and the price was so affordable! Highly recommended!" —Gracieg99

    Price: $31.42+ (available in four sizes and 27 colors).

    30. A jar of McCormick cinnamon sticks to spice up hot drinks and dessert recipes. Just don't use it as a straw.


    Promising review: "I purchased a jar of cinnamon sticks to put in my tea when I was sick for four days. It was perfect and gave out a good flavor. I would recommend anyone buying it." —Skype1

    Price: $4.98+

    31. A three-pack of Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry cereals, that, OK, aren't quite practical but they are a seasonally appropriate (and spooky) that's not just for breakfast anymore (not that it ever was).

    A brown box of Count Chocula, a pink box of Franken Berry, and a blue box of Boo Berry

    There used to be a time when you could get these spook-tacular, breakfast cereals at any time of the year. Alas, they've become a seasonal purchase. Luckily that season is fall. Here's hoping for some Yummy Mummy or Fruit Brute in the future!

    Price: $19.61.

    Fall is practically here so it's time to get practical about your preparation in order to squeeze out as much time before Day Light Savings (and the darkness) hits.

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