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    33 Things That Belong In The Junk Drawer Hall Of Fame

    Yes, a pair of scissors, some chip clips, a Tide pen, and a pad of Corgi-butt sticky notes can all live in perfect harmony even in the most disorganized of circumstances.

    1. A six-pack of Scotch Magic Tape rolls because you can't really wrap presents without them. And with six rolls, odds are you'll always be able to find at least one in the drawer.

    A green and black plaid roll of Scotch tape in a plastic dispenser

    2. An 8-ounce bottle of Goo Gone for safely removing stickers, labels, decals, and more importantly the residue those things leave behind.

    3. A pack of Corgi sticky notes because a big old floof-butt will surely be a more helpful reminder than a pale yellow square of paper.

    Colorful sticky notes featuring the fluffy butts of a red and a black tri corgi

    4. A five-setting, adjustable focus LED tactical flashlight to light the way during any emergency. Plus it's waterproof for handling any under-the-sink plumbing problems.

    Reviewer's side-by-side image of the black flashlight in-hand turned off and turned off

    5. A pack of reusable Loctite Fun-Tak mounting putty so you can hang your favorite posters and pictures up without damaging the walls. Also great for stopping vibrations of rattling windows, hanging decorations, and keeping things under 1 pound in place.

    6. A set of two retractable-blade box cutters, because all that cardboard piling up really needs to be cut down to size. Includes a handy refill pouch with five extra blades for when all that slicing gets dull.

    A box cutter with the blade extended about to cut some cardboard boxes

    7. A three-pack of Tide To Go instant stain-remover pens to immediately attack stains when you don't have the chance to change clothes or get to the laundry. Doesn't contain bleach.

    Three orange Tide pens in their packaging

    8. A ChomChom Roller pet hair remover that'll make you question if you even own any pets after you've completely cleaned off all that shedding (at least for a few seconds, until the critters jump back on couch or bed). The best part? No adhesive papers to replace. Just use it over and over again.

    9. A six-pack of Bic "EZ Reach" lighters to make lighting candles (or whatever else you plan on setting fire to) that much easier. No finger burns here.

    A rainbow array of Bic lighters with black tops

    10. A two-pack of Westcott Titanium-bonded scissors, because you are sure to misplace one pair of these scissors and you'll always know the other is in the junk drawer.

    A model's hand using a pair of gray and orange scissors

    11. A seven-pack of large Command utility hooks for holding up to five pounds of whatever you need to hang on a wall without doing any damage to that wall either.

    White Command hooks on a wall holding hats, lunch bags, and shirts

    12. A two-color pack of felt furniture pads, which you can think of as "coasters" for your wooden, laminate or tiled floors.

    Brown and beige furniture pad stickers in circles, squares, and strips

    13. A pack of 100 releasable and reusable multi-purpose zip ties that won't turn into single-use plastics. Also comes with three, super-convenient cable organizers.

    14. A state bottle opener made from recycled raw steel so you'll never damage the edge or a table or counter again trying to open a bottle like you did in college. Plus, "Go State!"

    Dark metal bottle openers shaped like various states

    15. An all-in-one, small hole repair applicator tool for fixing dings and nicks in your walls. Apply the spackle from the tube (there's built-in primer), use the end of the tube as a putty knife, and then sand with the pad on the top. Genius!

    Model's hand holding a white tube of spackle to patch a hole in the wall

    16. A nylon-coated 12-foot tape measure that you'll use for almost every home-related project, be it finding a new couch or hanging picture frames and will serve as a constant reminder to always measure twice, cut once.

    A bright yellow tape measure with an extended portion showing the actual tape measurements

    17. A simple spool of packing string for tying up packages and securing paper goods for recycling. Also comes in handy for pseudo-rustic decorating projects.

    18. A set of 13 wood-colored markers and wax sticks with a sharpener to touch-up or cover-up scratches and stains in floors, tables, desks, or whatever woodwork has taken a beating in your home.

    19. A Leatherman multi-tool, which is actually 14 tools in one (including a knife, pliers, screwdriver, wire cutter, wire stripper, scissors, package opener, bottle and can opener, a file, a ruler, and more). There's no need for an entire toolbox when this guy can easily fit in your pocket (or junk drawer).

    20. An eight-pack of AmazonBasics AA high-capacity rechargeable batteries and charger, because you're always running out of batteries at the worst time and these can be juiced up hundred of times before being properly recycled.

    Eight lime green and gray colored Amazon rechargeable AA batteries and a black charger

    21. A tube of Gorilla Super glue gel that'll dry in 10-45 seconds and bond to plastic, wood, metal, ceramic, rubber, leather, paper and more.

    22. A 6-in-1 multicolor pen so you'll have multiple options for making color-coded notes. Also, this pen is going to be super hard to lose even at the bottom of the junk drawer.

    Four multi-colored pens in clear plastic

    23. A pack of 100 pre-moistened lens wipes to keep all those screens (tablets, smartphones, monitors) as well as glasses and camera lenses squeaky clean and smudge-free (until you immediately smudge them again).

    A blue and white box of lens wipes with a light gray wipe cloth

    24. A four-pack of Sharpie "King Size" permanent markers, because maybe a label maker isn't your thing and you just want to write as big as you possibly can on your cardboard canvas.

    A model's hand holding a large black ink Sharpie marker writing on a cardboard box

    25. A Stanley all-in-one, six-way screwdriver to handle nearly every screw-size (except super tiny ones) for nearly any simple home project without having to drag out an entire toolbox.

    A black and yellow handled screwdriver with flat and Phillips heads

    26. A 16-piece set of furniture sliders for carpeted and hard floor surfaces to cut down on as much heavy lifting as possible. Why carry a couch when you can glide it instead?

    27. A rubber band ball, because yes, rubber bands do actually come from somewhere and they don't just magically appear in your drawer. Also great for bouncing off the wall.

    Reviewer's hand holding a colorful ball of rubber bands

    28. A five-pack of Scotch-Brite lint rollers (475 sheets total) to eliminate any and all fur, fuzz, hair from your wardrobe or furniture. As a bonus, you'll be able to wear all your black clothes again.

    29. A pack of 30 multi-colored, PVC-coated, steel-wire utility clips for keeping chips crispy, cereal crunchy, and anything else you can attach them to closed up tight.

    30. A light (but still heavy-duty) staple-free stapler that folds (up to five) pages together. You'll never have to steal staples from work ever again (Other office supplies are still totally up for grabs).

    Model's hand holding a lime green stapler

    31. A classic Victorinox Swiss Army pocket knife with seven basic functions (blade, scissors, nail file, screwdriver, keyring, toothpick, and tweezers). The best part? You don't even have to serve in the Swiss military to get one.

    A red Swiss Army knife with scissors, a blade, and a file

    32. A compact pencil sharpener with a screw-on lid to keep those shavings from getting all over the place. Bring new life to dull pencils without batteries or electricity (just like in the olden days).

    A blue plastic pencil sharpner with a black top next to some sharpened pencilse

    33. A set of 16 interlocking organizer trays so you can turn the chaos of any junk drawer into an orderly space where you can always find exactly what you're looking for.

    Gray plastic drawer organizers filled with classic junk drawer items

    Remember, even if your drawer is a complete mess you can still make the most of it with the right junk.

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