Uwe Boll's Latest: Auchwitz Trailer

Uwe Boll is best known as the director of failed video game films. He also made Postal. Now, a "trailer" for his supposedly "next film" (that isn't on IMDB at all.) Auschwitz (very NSFW). And yes, that is Boll as the Nazi outside the door, which is a reference to Postal.

John Lichman • 7 years ago

Oh Japan: Big Tits Zombie in 3D Trailer

Leave it to Japan to fill in the last gap of who zombies haven't fought. Oh, wait. But this time? It also has strippers AS zombies. With big tits. And...guys in blue make-up. And it's based on a manga. Thanks, Japan. Thanks.

John Lichman • 8 years ago

The Best Wedding Announcement Ever

Among other things: -His name is basically Buck Rodgers. -Buck is related to James Madison. -She wants to make chick flicks. -They have a surprise guest in their photo.

John Lichman • 8 years ago

A Unicorn Reviews Street Fighter IV

Al The Unicorn, from Action Pals, sits down and talks Street Fighter IV. And hamburgers.

John Lichman • 9 years ago