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    How To Throw An Epic "Breaking Bad" Finale Party

    Yes, it involves food, BITCH.


    Margaritas with a twist of Walt. Recipe here.

    Heisenberg Cheese Ball / Via

    Now everyone can have a piece of Heisenberg.

    Los Pollos Hermanos Chicken

    Ask for Gus. Fried Chicken Recipe here.

    Heisenburgers / Via

    Because who doesn't love a meaty pun? Get it here.

    Flynn Style Bacon and Eggs

    He sure loves his breakfast.

    Roof Pizza

    Nothing can be bad about pizza unless it ends up on a roof.

    Blue Meth Cupcakes

    It's rock candy people. And it's 92% pure. Get it here.

    Blue Crystal Meth Rock Candy

    "It may be blue, but it's the bomb." Get it here.