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5 Items You Can Buy In The Hillary Clinton Merch Store

These are all real items that Hill ok'd.

jlh23 4 years ago

16 Ridiculous "Law And Order: SVU" Lines You Have To Read To Believe

These lines are considered especially heinous.

jlh23 5 years ago

14 Must-Have Ideas For Throwing Your Own "Frozen" Themed Party

Because a party is the perfect excuse for a sing-a-long.

jlh23 5 years ago

8 Reasons To Add Color To Your Snow Day

It might even be OK to play in the yellow snow — if it's food coloring!

jlh23 5 years ago

10 Most WTF Themed Restaurants In The World

You may want to think twice about eating here.

jlh23 6 years ago

16 Valuable Life Lessons From "The Middle"

America's most relatable, crazy, and funny TV family teaches you important lessons to live by.

jlh23 6 years ago

11 Phone Cases For The Food Obsessed

Mmmm... french fry phone.

jlh23 6 years ago

How To Throw An Epic "Breaking Bad" Finale Party

Yes, it involves food, BITCH.

jlh23 6 years ago

9 Frozen Banana Recipes To Channel Your Inner Bluth

Now you can open up your own frozen banana stand.

jlh23 6 years ago

15 Ways To Add "Puppy Chow" To Your Diet

Most definitely not dog food.

jlh23 6 years ago

31 Pumpkin Recipes To Get You Ready For Fall

Pumpkin EVERYTHING is coming!

jlh23 6 years ago

8 Pinterest "Places" That Look Too Good To Be True

Plan to go elsewhere. These places don't actually exist.

jlh23 6 years ago