8 Reasons To Add Color To Your Snow Day

It might even be OK to play in the yellow snow — if it’s food coloring!

1. To make a snow rainbow.

Use spray bottles to create this snow masterpiece. Instructions here.

2. Turn it into an indoor activity for toddlers.

This activity might be over quickly when the snow melts…

3. Write a message in the snow.

4. Tie-dye your snowman.

Most creative snowman on the block.

5. Create a snow self-portrait.

Use fruit and vegetables along with food coloring to step up your snow art. Instructions here

6. Have a scavenger hunt in the snow.

Instructions here.

7. Colorful snow sculptures

For when making a snowman gets boring. Details here.

8. Become a graffiti artist.

Kool-aid snow paint instructions here.

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