11 Phone Cases For The Food Obsessed

Mmmm… french fry phone.

1. Ice Cream Sandwich Case

Your fingers won’t get messy from this case. Buy it here.

2. Nutella Case

The perfect case for the perfect food addiction. Buy it here.

3. Cheese & Crackers Case

To remind you of elementary school snacks. Buy it here.

4. Kit Kat Case

Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat case. Buy it here.

5. Sandwich Case

Great for best friends who love sandwiches. Buy it here.

6. Ramen Case

Goes with taking photos of your Ramen Burger. Buy it here.

7. The Fruit Medley Case

This case tells the world that you eat your fruits and veggies. Buy it here.

8. Bacon Case

You’ll be drooling all day with this one. Buy it here.

9. String Beans Case

For your obsession with green beans? Buy it here.

10. French Fry Case

Guaranteed hunger every time you text. Buy it here.

11. Pizza Cat Case

Your obsession with cats and food come together with this case. Buy it here.

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