Bio: Pediatric psychiatrist, armchair activist/athlete, jaded optimist, standup comic, facebook addict, erstwhile swimmer. Looking for: job, inspiration, good comedy/food/music/conversation, adventures. Twitter: @burnedoutdoc
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    • jjs

      “…What’s missing from Lehrer’s story that could explain it?” C’mon. You’re looking for the “enigmatic” Tom Lehrer and in 2014 you’re too timid to even speculate about the elephant in the living room, the one that may have most informed his music and sensibilities?: A man born in the 1920’s who began writing show tunes as a child, had a happy childhood but developed a sardonic edge and caustic wit, embraced agnosticism, critical of religion, iconoclastic in general, tried writing about gay boy scouts,(had to change it to girl scouts), tap dancing in front of the mirror, so intensely private that he eschews fame, never married, no kids, never even a mention of a girlfriend, personal life is “off limits”?? You do the math.  There may have been other factors in his apathy about his work. But like most gay men of his generation, especially those who achieved fame, he was between a rock and a hard place: Either live a lie and try to hide in plain sight, or maintain a semblance of one’s integrity and withdraw from the limelight to squelch the rumors. To his credit, he chose the latter. I love the music and comedy that he gave us, and I hope he was able to find love and affection in his private life.