This Was The Most Awkward Moment Of The Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

The Queen looked on, baffled.

1. So, this excruciating moment happened during the opening ceremony of Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games.

Prince Imran of Malaysia had the VERY IMPORTANT TASK of opening up a compartment in a special royal baton, which had been carried around the world by athletes.

He then had to hand the message to the UK’s very own Queen Elizabeth II.

Got that? One job: open the baton, hand the message over.

2. Except it turned out to be a bit harder than that.


3. This-is-taking-far-too-long harder than that.


Remember, no sweat, there’s only a few hundred million people watching. And, a few feet away, the Queen.

4. Harder than that to the point where Chris Hoy had to get involved.


5. And all while the very unimpressed Queen looked on.


6. But eventually, somehow, they made it. You have never seen a man look so relieved.


Queen: “About time, too.”

7. The guilty look on their faces.

Sir Chris Hoy's face is just brilliant. Eye contact with the Queen. #Glasgow2014 #CommonwealthGames #openingceremony

— Karen Fazackerley (@KarenFazBBC)

8. Well done to Chris Hoy for saving the day.

Blimey, that was like trying to solve a Rubik's cube! #phew

— Chris Hoy (@chrishoy)

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Jim Waterson is a politics editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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