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    Posted on Mar 7, 2014

    The Lib Dems Were Beaten By The Bus Pass Elvis Party In A By-Election

    Tough times for Nick Clegg's party.

    Tough times for Nick Clegg's party in Nottingham, where their candidate was beaten by a representative of the Bus Pass Elvis party in a council by-election.

    Labour Press / Via Twitter: @labourpress

    Labour managed to narrowly win the by-election in the suburban ward, which was called after the party's councillor was removed after failing to attend any meeting for six months.

    But the stand-out performance was by David Bishop, aka "Lord Biro" of the Bus Pass Elvis party, who beat the Lib Dems by 11 votes.

    Lord Biro / Via

    67 people voted for his Bus Pass Elvis manifesto. Key points included:

    Legalise brothels with a 30% reduction for OAPs.

    Our candidate would like to see an enquiry into British Vets Fees, the highest in Europe.

    Bring back the Dog License to curb irresponsible dog owners.

    Save Public lavatories from extinction.

    The Lib Dems got just 56 votes in the ward, which is close to a campus of Nottingham Trent University.

    I actually had a few drinks last night at the (Lincolnshire) Poacher, got a bit drunk and had an argument with a group of Labour supporters and ended up getting chucked out.It's not the best news for the Liberal Democrats. But perhaps people actually liked my policies of legalising brothels with a 30 per cent reduction for OAPs and holding an enquiry into the cost of vets fees.

    But perhaps the success of the Bus Pass Elvis party is no surprise when you see Lord Biro's unique campaign posters:

    Good luck in the future, Lord Biro.

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