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    45 Reasons Yorkshire Is Better Than Lancashire

    War of the Roses? This isn't even a contest. Historic boundaries only, please.

    1. To start with, Yorkshire is MASSIVELY bigger than Lancashire.

    2. And Yorkshire uses all that space to fit in beautiful national parks like this one.

    3. And this is the North York Moors, our other national park.

    4. Yorkshire has the best place names.

    5. Then there's the amazing coast. Scarborough is a far better seaside town than Blackpool.

    6. And Whitby, setting for part of Dracula, is even better than Scarborough.

    7. While Robin Hood's Bay is better than all of them.

    8. And if you need proof of Yorkshire's allure, some places from outside the county wish they were Yorkshire.

    9. Yorkshire Tea is in a different league to its Lancashire equivalent.

    10. Same goes for Yorkshire pudding.

    11. Yorkshire now has the best fish and chip shop in the country.

    12. And if any Lancastrian disagrees we'll set a Yorkshire Terrier on them.

    13. Yorkshiremen are great inventors. They were flying aircraft fifty years before the Wright Brothers.

    14. And this Yorkshireman invented the cat's eye, which saved countless lives.

    15. Sure, Lancashire football teams may have done better in recent years. But no one matches Yorkshire's fans.

    16. Yorkshire has Vikings. Lots of Vikings.

    17. Basically, Yorkshire knocks Lancashire into the ground on history. We have epic castles.

    18. Our country houses are bigger and better.

    19. And Yorkshire's gardens can be breathtaking, both outdoors...

    20. ...and indoors.

    21. The Yorkshire accent is that much more flexible than elsewhere.

    22. Especially if you drive along the M62 and end up in Hull.

    23. Rugby League was created here.

    24. And nothing beats taking your mum to Betty's tearooms.

    25. Yorkshire has some of the most amazing cathedrals in the world.

    26. And our own gorgeous sauces.

    27. We've produced some pretty amazing actors.

    28. Oh, and some seriously amazing articles.

    29. There's some great bands.

    30. And the artists aren't bad, either.

    31. And, as for sport, if Yorkshire had been a country then it would have finished 12th at the last Olympics.

    32. The Tour de France organisers couldn't find anywhere better than Yorkshire to begin this year's cycle race.

    33. And to celebrate the arrival of le Tour Yorkshire has built a giant bicycle-themed "Eat Pies" sign.

    34. Talking of pies, Yorkshire doesn't do things by halves: the county used to make the world's biggest meat and pastry concoctions.

    35. We've also got the tallest structure in the UK.

    36. Oh, and Yorkshire produced Britain's tallest ever man.

    37. There's no better place to get drunk. We've got some of the best pubs in the country.

    38. And some of the best breweries.

    Pint of Sam Smith's Old Brewery bitter for £2, please.

    39. Although some Yorkshiremen take it too far.

    40. Though this man in Hull has got it sorted.

    41. That said, from the Yorkshire Wolds...

    42. Hebden Bridge...

    43. ...and into Leeds.

    44. Nowhere's quite as amazing as Yorkshire.

    45. And if you ever doubt Yorkshire's brilliance, just remember one thing: it's not Lancashire.