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    45 Reasons Yorkshire Is Better Than Lancashire

    War of the Roses? This isn't even a contest. Historic boundaries only, please.

    1. To start with, Yorkshire is MASSIVELY bigger than Lancashire.

    Wikimedia Commons / BuzzFeed

    And chunks of historic Lancashire have now been split into Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cumbria.

    What does it say about your county when you can't keep it in one piece?

    2. And Yorkshire uses all that space to fit in beautiful national parks like this one.


    That's the Yorkshire Dales, one of two national parks that are mainly within the county's border.

    3. And this is the North York Moors, our other national park.


    There's also a fair chunk of the Peak District national park that's in South Yorkshire.

    And how many national parks does Lancashire have? None.

    4. Yorkshire has the best place names.

    Google Maps
    Flickr: dullhunk

    Duncan Hull

    5. Then there's the amazing coast. Scarborough is a far better seaside town than Blackpool.

    herkuleshippo / Wiki Commons / Via

    6. And Whitby, setting for part of Dracula, is even better than Scarborough.


    7. While Robin Hood's Bay is better than all of them.

    deargdoom57 / Flickr / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: deargdoom57

    Beat that lot, Lancashire.

    No, Morecambe, you don't count.

    8. And if you need proof of Yorkshire's allure, some places from outside the county wish they were Yorkshire.


    Villages in the Saddleworth area were moved into Greater Manchester in the 1970s. But the locals still celebrate Yorkshire Day every year. Quite right too.

    9. Yorkshire Tea is in a different league to its Lancashire equivalent.

    Look we know that there's something called "Lancashire Tea" but the internet is full of Lancastrians feeling bad for drinking the better version.

    10. Same goes for Yorkshire pudding.


    Who wants Lancashire rag pudding when there's the prospect of a Yorkshire Pudding? Aunt Bessie's alone makes 500 million of them a year in Hull.

    11. Yorkshire now has the best fish and chip shop in the country.

    Andrew Dunn / Via

    Sure, Lancashire may have opened the first fish and chip shop. But The Quayside in Whitby is the best place to get battered fish in the country. And that's what really matters.

    12. And if any Lancastrian disagrees we'll set a Yorkshire Terrier on them.


    13. Yorkshiremen are great inventors. They were flying aircraft fifty years before the Wright Brothers.

    This is the glider that Sir George Cayley pushed off a hill near Scarborough in 1853. In the process Yorkshire hosted the first flights in vehicles similar to modern airplanes.

    14. And this Yorkshireman invented the cat's eye, which saved countless lives.

    He was called Percy Shaw, a self-made man from Halifax, West Yorkshire. He became stonkingly rich by inventing the reflective road markings but never left his hometown. Because that wouldn't be very Yorkshire, would it?

    15. Sure, Lancashire football teams may have done better in recent years. But no one matches Yorkshire's fans.

    Scott Heavey / Getty Images
    Tim Keeton / Getty Images

    16. Yorkshire has Vikings. Lots of Vikings.

    PA/Press Association Images

    Yorkshire's always been a bit... different. It started to take shape as the Kingdom of Jorvik, a land ruled by conquering Danes from York. And, as anyone who went on a school trip to the Jorvik Viking Centre knows, their smell never really left.

    17. Basically, Yorkshire knocks Lancashire into the ground on history. We have epic castles.


    This is Bolton Castle in North Yorkshire.

    18. Our country houses are bigger and better.

    Hi Castle Howard.

    19. And Yorkshire's gardens can be breathtaking, both outdoors...

    Iain Gilmour / Creative Commons / Via

    20. ...and indoors.

    That's the Sheffield Winter Gardens. Much better than Blackpool's equivalent.

    21. The Yorkshire accent is that much more flexible than elsewhere.

    22. Especially if you drive along the M62 and end up in Hull.

    23. Rugby League was created here.

    Gareth Copley / Getty Images

    In Huddersfield, in 1895 to be exact. And in recent years Yorkshire has totally dominated the sport, with teams for the county winning seven out of the last ten Super League titles.

    24. And nothing beats taking your mum to Betty's tearooms.

    25. Yorkshire has some of the most amazing cathedrals in the world.


    Lancashire, less so.

    26. And our own gorgeous sauces.

    Despite the claims of some ignorant London MPs.

    27. We've produced some pretty amazing actors.

    Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters
    Rosie Greenway/Getty Images
    Tim Whitby / Getty Images

    28. Oh, and some seriously amazing articles.

    Patrick Stewart's always popping back home to present awards to students at the University of Huddersfield.

    29. There's some great bands.

    Martin Grimes / Getty Images
    Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images

    30. And the artists aren't bad, either.

    Oli Scarff / Getty Images

    31. And, as for sport, if Yorkshire had been a country then it would have finished 12th at the last Olympics.


    Beat that, Lancashire

    32. The Tour de France organisers couldn't find anywhere better than Yorkshire to begin this year's cycle race.

    Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

    Face it, you can't imagine the peleton working its way through Preston, could you?

    33. And to celebrate the arrival of le Tour Yorkshire has built a giant bicycle-themed "Eat Pies" sign.

    Kitty Pickle / Via Twitter: @Kitty_Pickle

    34. Talking of pies, Yorkshire doesn't do things by halves: the county used to make the world's biggest meat and pastry concoctions.

    Popperfoto / Getty

    Denby Dale in West Yorkshire has been baking enormous pies to mark major occasions since the 18th century. The most recent giant pie, baked to mark the Millennium, weighed 12 tonnes.

    Take that, Wigan.

    35. We've also got the tallest structure in the UK.

    Alan Zomerfeld / Creative Commons / Via

    Who needs Blackpool Tower when you've got Emley Moor TV mast? This thing is even taller that The Shard in London.

    36. Oh, and Yorkshire produced Britain's tallest ever man.

    Hutton Archive

    That's all 7ft 9inches (2.36 metres) of William Bradley, born in East Yorkshire in 1787.

    37. There's no better place to get drunk. We've got some of the best pubs in the country.

    Philip Barker / Creative Commons

    38. And some of the best breweries.

    Pint of Sam Smith's Old Brewery bitter for £2, please.

    39. Although some Yorkshiremen take it too far.

    40. Though this man in Hull has got it sorted.

    41. That said, from the Yorkshire Wolds...

    Steve Fareham / Creative Commons / Via

    42. Hebden Bridge...

    Alan Kempster/Alan Kempster

    43. ...and into Leeds.

    Andrew Roberts / Creative Commons / Via

    44. Nowhere's quite as amazing as Yorkshire.

    Michael Bryan / Creative Commons / Via

    45. And if you ever doubt Yorkshire's brilliance, just remember one thing: it's not Lancashire.

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