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45 Reasons Yorkshire Is Better Than Lancashire

War of the Roses? This isn't even a contest. Historic boundaries only, please.

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1. To start with, Yorkshire is MASSIVELY bigger than Lancashire.

Wikimedia Commons / BuzzFeed

And chunks of historic Lancashire have now been split into Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cumbria.

What does it say about your county when you can't keep it in one piece?

3. And this is the North York Moors, our other national park.


There's also a fair chunk of the Peak District national park that's in South Yorkshire.

And how many national parks does Lancashire have? None.


8. And if you need proof of Yorkshire's allure, some places from outside the county wish they were Yorkshire.


Villages in the Saddleworth area were moved into Greater Manchester in the 1970s. But the locals still celebrate Yorkshire Day every year. Quite right too.


11. Yorkshire now has the best fish and chip shop in the country.

Andrew Dunn / Via

Sure, Lancashire may have opened the first fish and chip shop. But The Quayside in Whitby is the best place to get battered fish in the country. And that's what really matters.


13. Yorkshiremen are great inventors. They were flying aircraft fifty years before the Wright Brothers.

This is the glider that Sir George Cayley pushed off a hill near Scarborough in 1853. In the process Yorkshire hosted the first flights in vehicles similar to modern airplanes.

14. And this Yorkshireman invented the cat's eye, which saved countless lives.

He was called Percy Shaw, a self-made man from Halifax, West Yorkshire. He became stonkingly rich by inventing the reflective road markings but never left his hometown. Because that wouldn't be very Yorkshire, would it?

16. Yorkshire has Vikings. Lots of Vikings.

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Yorkshire's always been a bit... different. It started to take shape as the Kingdom of Jorvik, a land ruled by conquering Danes from York. And, as anyone who went on a school trip to the Jorvik Viking Centre knows, their smell never really left.


23. Rugby League was created here.

Gareth Copley / Getty Images

In Huddersfield, in 1895 to be exact. And in recent years Yorkshire has totally dominated the sport, with teams for the county winning seven out of the last ten Super League titles.


32. The Tour de France organisers couldn't find anywhere better than Yorkshire to begin this year's cycle race.

Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

Face it, you can't imagine the peleton working its way through Preston, could you?


34. Talking of pies, Yorkshire doesn't do things by halves: the county used to make the world's biggest meat and pastry concoctions.

Popperfoto / Getty

Denby Dale in West Yorkshire has been baking enormous pies to mark major occasions since the 18th century. The most recent giant pie, baked to mark the Millennium, weighed 12 tonnes.

Take that, Wigan.