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Louise Mensch Had A Much Better Time At University Than You Did

The future Tory MP spent her degree hanging out with heavy metal bands. Rock on.

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Here's a 1992 piece on future Tory MP Louise Mensch in an Oxford University newspaper. It says she's featured under a pseudonym in an NME article out that week.

Sadly, I had no luck in getting any bands to appear at Oxford under the banner of the Rock Soc. It did, however, allow me to justify going to see bands when I probably should have been studying, like Def Leppard in Frankfurt during finals week.I always felt I had more fun than most throughout my life - not just at university.Rock on,LouiseP.S. I still got a 2:1.
She would enliven student debate with tributes to the credo of "sex, drums and rock'n'roll" (coward!) and her boasts about being on very good terms with Joe Elliott from Def Leppard.

Oh and here's Louise on MTV in the early 90s, working on the music channel's heavy metal show.

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