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Everyone In Britain Is Drunk

IT'S CHRISTMAS! Warning: graphic images.

1. It's Christmas. And everyone in the UK is drunk.

2. On the streets of Cardiff, he's drunk.

3. She's drunk.

4. He's definitely drunk.

5. He's sobering up.

6. The guy on the left isn't drunk. The jury is still out on the bloke struggling with the door.

7. They may be drunk.

8. This man was asleep in flowerbed outside Vodka Revolution, so it's hard to decide.

9. They're stone cold sober.

10. They're checking out the paving slabs in Birmingham.

11. They're truly "tired and emotional".

12. They may have been drinking in Birmingham.

13. They're drunk.

14. This person wearing a deflated penis costume in the West Midlands may have had a drink.

15. Potentially sober.

16. Drunkenness allows people to have pleasant chats.

17. They're having a nice chat on the way home.

18. The people of Peterborough are inspiringly, impressively drunk.

19. They're really going for it.

20. Happy Christmas! May you take inspiration from the drunkenness of these people over the festive period.

21. And be in awe of the sheer drunkenness of Britain at Christmas!