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    25 Huge Reasons To Still Be Proud You're From Hull

    Hull yeah!

    So Hull City didn't win the FA Cup in the end.

    Shaun Botterill / Getty Images

    But there are still so many other reasons to celebrate the glory of Kingston upon Hull. Such as...


    1. It's got the world's largest Yorkshire Pudding factory.

    Hull's Aunt Bessie's produces FIVE HUNDRED MILLION frozen Yorkshire Puddings every year.

    2. For a King's Town, it's pretty republican.

    Alex Livesey / Getty Images

    Hull was one of the only major cities in England that didn't host a single street party for the royal wedding.

    3. John Prescott.

    4. The local accent.

    5. Spiders Nightclub.

    Tiger 2000 / Via Flickr: 12732212@N00

    (Their website deserves a special cultural award of its own.)

    6. It's got some pretty amazing public toilets. Coach trips make special visits to see them.

    Tony Young / Flickr / Via Flickr: 63357467@N00

    "We get people queuing around the corner to come in and have a look," says attendant Shirley Binks.

    "They bring video cameras, have a look round, ask questions, and then go. A lot of them don't even use the toilets. We've had people from all over the world: New Zealand, Australia, Poland, America, Japan, Russia."

    7. Hull's no longer as crap as it used to be.

    The professional metropolitan sneerers who put together the 'Crap Towns' series of books have had to revise their opinion. Hull topped the inaugral list in 2003 but was not even in the top 50 when the list was revised this year.

    8. Then there's the music scene. Hull gave the world The Housemartins...

    View this video on YouTube

    Look, it's a young Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim!

    9. ...who then morphed into The Beautiful South.

    View this video on YouTube

    10. Everything But The Girl formed in Hull...

    View this video on YouTube

    ...and took their name from a sign outside a Hull furniture shop.

    Wikimedia Commons / Via

    11. Did we mention John Prescott? Here he is on a trampoline.

    “@scolvey: @johnprescott I'd love to see a photo of you bouncing on that trampoline.” < Oh ok then....

    John Prescott


    “@scolvey: @johnprescott I'd love to see a photo of you bouncing on that trampoline.” < Oh ok then....

    / Via

    12. They used to sell these official T-shirts in the Hull tourist board offices.

    Jim Waterson

    13. Then there's the beautiful River Hull.

    cwarkup / Via Flickr: cwarkup

    OK, OK, so it's not much to look at. But around the corner is...

    14. The epic Humber Bridge.

    dhwright / Via Flickr: dhwright

    Which is great if you're in a hurry to get from Hull to Grimsby.

    15. You can join this Hull man for a quiet pint on Anlaby Road.

    16. Or have something to eat at Mr Chu's China Palace.

    Google Maps

    Hull's biggest Chinese restaurant is a home-from-home for John Prescott. Pictures of him fill an entire wall and Tony Blair has even been a few times. Unfortunately it has also had a few hygiene issues.

    We recommend the two course lunch menu at a mere £6 a head.

    &ldquo;@jimwaterson Eating at Mr Chu&#39;s after praise from @johnprescott. Tasty but stuck halfway through main. How d&#39;ya do it?&rdquo; &gt; Years of training

    John Prescott


    “@jimwaterson Eating at Mr Chu's after praise from @johnprescott. Tasty but stuck halfway through main. How d'ya do it?” > Years of training

    / Via

    17. The city's insistence on doing things differently, like its cream telephone boxes.

    calflier / Via Flickr: calflier001

    Stubborn to the end, Hull was the only city in the country that never joined the national telephone network.

    So it still has its own cream telephone boxes.

    18. The world famous Hull Fair.

    Wikimedia Commons / Via

    One of the biggest travelling funfairs in the world. Without doubt the best thing that happens in Hull during the second week in October.

    19. John Prescott.

    Photo by Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

    20. There's The Deep, an enormous aquarium.

    fusion99 / Via Flickr: fusion99

    21. And the famous Hull Truck theatre.

    Quite Adept / Via Flickr: quiteadept

    22. But from Bransholme...

    Geograph / Via

    23. The Avenues...

    Wikimedia / Via

    24. ...via King Billy's golden statue...

    Flickr / Via Flickr: preef

    25. ...Hull's always just Hull.

    View this video on YouTube

    No nonsense, doing its own thing and not caring what anyone else thinks. And you can't argue with that.

    Via Shaun Botterill / Getty Images

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