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    Posted on Dec 2, 2013

    How Easy Is It To Deliver Things By Drone? Let's Find Out

    Hope you're taking notes, Amazon.

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    Amazon is looking at making home deliveries using small unmanned drones.

    There are pretty major questions about whether this is just a convenient PR stunt and even more issues with the logistics of hundreds of little aircraft flying through the skies with the latest Game of Thrones box set on board.

    Amazon says it's five years off from deploying the technology. So we decided to see whether our U.K. office is ready for drone delivery.

    This is the AR Drone 2.0. It costs about £250.

    We're about to find out whether it's the future of retail delivery.

    First, we tried delivering a small figurine of Breaking Bad character Walter White to our editor. By tying it to the drone with a piece of string.

    Unfortunately it pulled the drone horrendously off course and into a glass wall.

    Toy Heisenberg was just too heavy.

    Let's see that again.

    Then we tried flying the drone with just a piece of string. But the string wrapped itself around the rotor blades and the crash was so awful that we can't really show you.

    So we gave up and taped a dinosaur to the top of the device to make a Tyrannosaurus Drone.

    Then the dino-copter started flying.

    And kept flying.

    And terrified colleagues attacked by the flying drone dinosaur reacted badly.

    Then we flew it even further and downloaded its scary spy camera footage.

    View this video on YouTube

    In conclusion: The only realistic outlet for Amazon's drone service is in the niche toy dinosaur model delivery market.

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