Ed Miliband Ate A Bacon Sandwich And Accidentally Created A Meme

    The Labour leader has been munching his way through history.

    On Wednesday Ed Miliband had an awkward encounter with a bacon sandwich.

    Thanks to the internet and @GeneralBoles there was only way this was going to go, especially when Ed met Harry and Sally.

    And was soon joined at the table by some business associates.

    No soup for you, Ed.

    Some people raised valid questions about Miliband's decision to plump for bacon.

    Feel a bit sorry for Ed Miliband re the bacon sandwich. Why didn't he just opt for a bowl of Alpen?

    But Ed just wanted to get The Taste.

    And have the chance to hang out with Samantha.

    While eating a Royale with cheese.

    Of course, Miliband wished he was hanging out with the real greats.

    Labour leader Ed Miliband: "Stop complaining Charlie, we'll all be eating boots if I ever get elected." #EdEats

    And he tried to fit in a little something on the side.

    Ed Miliband in Monty Python's 'The Meaning of PR'.

    But alas, all good things must come to an end.