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As Britain's Politics Went Into Meltdown, MPs Were Discussing Lindsay Lohan's Tweets

"Had she visited Kettering, she might have seen her career turn around," a cabinet minister concluded.

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British politics is in total, complete, and utter meltdown.

“Leave it, Jez, ‘e ain’t worth it. We’ve all ‘ad a drink.” - “Come back here, Miliband, and say that to my face.”

The UK is facing an uncertain future after voting to the leave the European Union, with the country's future trade relationships unclear. The Conservatives are involved in a major civil war ahead of their leadership election which will ultimately choose the next prime minister, with Michael Gove stabbing Boris Johnson in the back just hours before leadership nominations closed. And the Labour party is in complete disarray, with almost no MPs supporting the party leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

You see, on election night last week the Mean Girls star was inexplicably watching the EU referendum results and tweeting increasingly angry comments.


Kettering MP and Leave supporter Philip Hollobone stood up in parliament on Thursday and demanded a government debate on the "involvement of celebrities in politics" because he was so angry at Lohan's intervention.

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"On referendum night a week ago the pro-Remain American actress Lindsay Lohan, in a series of bizarre tweets, slagged off areas of this country that voted to leave the European Union," the Tory MP complained.

"At one point she directed a fierce and offensive tweet at Kettering, claiming she'd never heard of it and implying no one knew where it was."

Hollobone insisted this was impossible as "everyone knows where Kettering is".

And he invited Lohan to "come and switch on the Christmas lights in Kettering, thus redeeming her reputation".

In response, cabinet minister Chris Grayling suggested Lohan's career had failed recently.


"As those of us who have children will know, over the years, Lindsay Lohan as a star of child and teen movies was very entertaining," he said.

But in a biting critique of her recent films he added: "She hasn't quite fulfilled her professional potential."

The leader of the House of Commons concluded: "Had she visited Kettering, she might have seen her career turn around."

And that is what politicians are discussing in parliament right now.

Jim Waterson is a politics editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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