20 Seemingly Normal Parenting Behaviors That Are Actually Completely Toxic

    This can't be OK.

    A while back, we posted here seemingly "normal" parenting trends that are actually toxic. In the comments, many readers from the BuzzFeed Community shared more toxic parenting methods that will have you raising your eyebrows.

    Here are some that stood out the most:

    1. Hitting or spanking your kids as a form of discipline.

    Parent holding a black leather belt with a firm grip

    2. Assigning a scapegoat or "golden child" among your children.

    3. Telling your child not to cry.

    Parent yelling at their child and pointing their finger while the child looks down in sadness

    4. Gossiping about your children with other parents.

    5. Telling your kids they're exhausting.

    6. Calling your kids derogative names.

    Father yelling at his son holding onto his shoulder as the son looks away angrily

    7. Believing your kids don't have a right to privacy.

    8. Accusing your kid of faking an illness or pain.

    9. Forbidding or discouraging your child from dating.

    10. Commenting on your child's weight.

    Young boy doing push ups with a forced smile

    11. Not respecting your child's boundaries.

    12. Brushing off your child's interests, feelings, and struggles as "just a phase" or "just for attention."

    Young boy sitting on the couch with his head in his knees in sadness

    13. Adding attention to your kid's bodily changes.

    14. Disregarding any parental wrongdoings as simply being blamed.

    15. Treating things like race and being LGBTQ like forbidden subjects.

    Three kids siting on a rainbow colored bench hanging out with each other

    16. Never saying, "I love you."

    A parent and their children holding a hear-shaped plush toy together

    17. Not allowing your kids to be transparent.

    18. Being too overprotective.

    Overbearing parent holding onto her daughter looking at her lovingly

    19. Taking your anger and frustrations out on your children.

    Little girl with her face in her knees in sadness with a shadow of her mother scolding her

    20. And last but not least: Comparing your kids to other children.

    Do you agree with these comments? Do you have more toxic parenting traits to highlight? Let me know below in the comments!