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    • jillc9

      This is an issue about Progressives-not “democrat” or “republican,” because progressivism is found on both sides of the aisle. All these laws that have recently been shoved into place by the Democrats would have inspired mobs of Dems bearing torches and pitchforks had it beenarepublican in office making the SAME laws. The Democrat guy with 87+ likes on his comment/reply is right-and ifaRepublican wins in 2016, or if Republicans magically take over the Senate and House in 2014, libs will realize that they voted for and supported draconian legislation that puts them and everyone else in chains. Progressivism is depicted in the media of being “forward thinking” ideology, but it’s been around foralong, long time — it’s Collectivism. InaCollectivist society, your individual rights no longer matter. Both presidents Bush and Obama were/are bad for this country. Think about it.

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