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    • Jonathon Heinn

      This story seems fishy. 1. That Jane Kaczmarek Twitter account is not verified. 2. That Twitter has less than 2000 followers, yet it’s been around since October 2011. 3. Bryan Cranston doesn’t follow that Twitter. 4. Frankie Muniz doesn’t follow that Twitter, but he follows Cranston’s Twitter. 5. Christopher Masterson, another of her Malcolm sons, doesn’t follow her: 6. Justin Berfield, another Malcolm son, doesn’t follow her. 7. In fact, @janekaczmarek follows 11 people — and none of them follow her back. 8. Dean Norris tweeted that photo Thursday without mentioning she was guest-starring. 9. On Dec. 21, Dean Norris tweeted a photo joking that the first episode back will be called “The Decision.” 10. On Jan. 24, Dean Norris noted that IMDB took his joke tweet seriously, and titled the first episode back “The Decision.” 11. Which means: Just because it’s on IMDB doesn’t mean it’s true. 12. It appears Jane Kaczmarek was just visiting the set with her son: 13. But still there’s no proof she’s actually guest-starring.

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