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Birdo Starts A War With Russia, By A 9-Year-Old

Birdo was a clay art project that was created in conjunction with a novelette circa 1989. This epic adventure features Dan Quayle, Russian intrigue, a "fraturnity" (sic), and global warfare. [Ed. note: This amazing tale is part of our keepsake show and tell project.]

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In some cosmic alignment, I must have somehow known this would be posted to Buzzfeed someday because a "coment" section was included. My main coments if I could send them back in time would be; what happend to Russian "fraturnity" leader Frank? Did he get his comeuppance? Also, Birdo could get the sub because he was part fish, the plane because he was part bird, but I could use a reason why he can fly to space to destroy a Satellite?

Birdo gives us a little snap shot into the mind of a nine year old at the tail end of the cold war. The original Red Dawn must have been fresh in my young mind.

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