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    • jezebeljf

      as a fat lesbian woman, ive been overweight most of my life, stemming from a not so great young childhood in foster care and malnourished ect. i had always been chubby even though i loved to play sports do everything the guys did. everyone assumed i overate and was lazy, but due to my moms strict diets and prepared meals, i rarely ate mroe then i should, except maybe on thanksgiving when relatives would actually sneak food out to me because they noticed how controling my parents were. even biking daily to school and to work, i barely lost anything, after my accident it piled on more and more, a combo of prescription meds, inability to excercise, it got depressing, now im to the point where my back is so strained i can barely walk around the block, and even with a radicle new semi forced set foods (roomate shops at a co-op (healthy mostly organic foors, lots of veggies, a CSA i get and farmers markets i attend weekly, )i get little junk food unless i make it from healthy incredients or we happen to stop at a regular store for soda. I feel your pain. being disabled, gay, female, and fat, all kinda work against me to many women i know in my age range. top that off with a horrible memory, loss of social “normal” activities. at the rate things are going im bound to be alone.. the woman of my dreams lives halfway around the world, and without internet we never would have met. the chances of getting together in realitity are literally the same chances of me winning the lottery..since thats what it would take to get there. unfortunately on state elvel insurance- the sort the republicans keep trying to cut, ill never get the surgery that could save my life (in several ways) ill never find a job i can work full time - since i cant sit up more then a few hours at a time, i cant hardly stand or walk.. noone would hire me the way i am.. but i certainly never tried to be fat, im not happy being fat, and neither am i lazy or a slob or a hundred other hurtful words for it.. im still pretty damn special even if life has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at me..

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