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  • 10 Signs You’re Not The Only One Munching Matzo On Campus

    Whether it’s Rutgers, U of Maryland, NYU, or even American University, all of these schools have one thing in common: they are all appear on the top 60 list of schools with the largest Jewish populations. If you go to a college or are a proud alum of a school with a boatload of Jewish young adults, you have probably experienced these 10 signs of an active Jewish life on campus.

  • 18 Ways To Use Your Leftover Matzah

    Let’s face it: Passover can be stressful. First, you’ve got to get rid of all your Chametz (bye, bye bagels). Then, there’s finding your seat at the kid’s table for Seder. But the most stressful of all: what do you do with the three pounds of leftover matzah in your cabinet? Take a deep breath. Check out these 18 simple, yet elegant, ways to ensure your matzah doesn’t go to waste. You’re welcome.

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