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10 Signs You’re Not The Only One Munching Matzo On Campus

Whether it’s Rutgers, U of Maryland, NYU, or even American University, all of these schools have one thing in common: they are all appear on the top 60 list of schools with the largest Jewish populations. If you go to a college or are a proud alum of a school with a boatload of Jewish young adults, you have probably experienced these 10 signs of an active Jewish life on campus.

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1. You see a Sukkah being built on campus during October.

Only the Jewish students seem to know exactly what this interesting hut is, however, and what it’s doing living outside the student activity center.

2. Confused professors look around their empty classrooms on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, wondering where everyone is.

That is, unless the professors are Jewish as well, in which case, students will look forward to that email saying classes are canceled. Yes!

3. Speaking of Yom Kippur, it seems like every student on campus is in a bad mood on this day!

No, they’re not just in a bad mood… they’re HANGRY. The Jewish students are hungry and angry while fasting on this solemn holiday, so prepare yourself for the constant complaining and the longing stares as you pass by with a mouth full of chips.

4. Jewish Student Association, Hillel, and Birthright are always tabling wherever you go.

You sometimes even avoid eye contact as you walk past because you know they can spot your Hamsa necklace from a mile away.

5. Friday nights are filled with dressed up students heading to Hillel’s weekly Shabbat services and FREE dinner.

Some might even skip the services and head straight to dinner (Shhh! Don’t tell!)

6. The dining hall has a HUGE kosher for Passover section during the holiday (and it’s never that good).

That lasagna in the non-kosher section looks awfully good tonight; however, you must remain strong... at least until your roommate breaks Passover two nights early and orders Dominos.

7. Everyone is celebrating Israel Independence Day.

Why is the quad filled with a giant bounce house, face painting, and other fun games on this beautiful spring day? Duh! It’s Israel Independence Day! Bring on the falafel and hummus.

8. Let’s not forget about Greek life!

If you’re in AEPhi, SDT, ZBT, or AEPi, let’s be honest, you’re probably Jewish.

9. Your college offers a Jewish studies class as an option for a GenED requirement.

Several actually, ranging from the biblical times of Israel to modern Jewish literature. It’s just like going to Hebrew school again, right? Easy “A” for sure.

10. Boxes of Matzo are everywhere!

Everyone on your residence hall floor is bringing their leftover food into the lounge at the end of the school year. Ramen, popcorn, candy, and more are piling up. But wait, what are those ten boxes of Matzoh doing on the table? And why is no one touching them?? These lonely boxes of Matzoh sit on the table until someone eventually takes pity and throws them out. As tempting as stale unleavened bread sounds, I think I’ll pass.

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