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    • jessiec9

      I strongly dislike sales taxes. They’reahuge pain in my butt, personally, asabusiness owner. I’d like to seem them all disappear. (But just ftr,Idon’t face competition from internet sales soIhave no figurative dog in this fight.) If we can’t do that,Isee no reason that some businesses should be treated differently than others. Why should internet retailers be able to sidestep the tax laws that the rest of us are subject to?  Further, interstate commerce happens to be an area that the federal government was given clear jurisdiction as per the constitution.
      Iseriously do not get the opposition to internet sales tax. These companies have been givenafree ride up to this point, and that will come to an end. There areagreat number of valid tax fights that these guys can take up… this one doesn’t make any sense.

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