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    21 Celebrity Hairstyles For When You Don't Want To Wash Your Hair

    "Sorry, I can't go out tonight." I'm busy not washing my hair.

    1. The Can't Be Topped Knot

    2. The Slight Crimp

    3. The Loose French Braid

    4. The Puffy Pony

    5. The Strung-Up Do

    6. The French Roll-out-of-Bed

    7. The Twisted Sister

    8. The Low-Slung Milkmaid Braid

    9. The Summer

    10. The Tousled Side Pony

    11. The Wrapped Pony

    12. The Half Tease

    13. The J.Law Low Bun

    14. The Bed-Head Bun

    15. The Headbanded Pony

    16. The Twilight

    17. The Faux Chop

    18. The Knotty Twist

    19. The Free-Flowing Fish Tail

    20. The Wet Look

    21. The Jared Leto