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    33 Subtle Ways To Add Your Love Of Disney To Your Wedding

    So maybe you aren't getting married in a castle. You can still add a touch of Disney Magic to your special day.

    1. Get these gorgeous princess-inspired invitations.

    Order yours here.

    2. Deliver the rings in this adorable box.

    3. Or this one.

    4. Or this one.

    See all of these and get your own custom ring box here.

    5. Engrave your favorite Disney line onto your rings.

    6. Dress your Bridesmaids in official Disney couture.

    Ariel, Pocahontas, Belle. More colors and styles here.

    7. Make your own Disney dress dreams come true.

    8. Get this hanger fit for a queen.

    9. Embroider a tiny Mickey on the groom or groomsmen's shirts.

    10. Wear these elegant Elsa earrings.

    11. Liven Up your boutonnieres.

    12. Incorporate this awesome Mickey bow tie.

    13. Wear these tiny shiny Mickeys on your sleeves

    Get them here and here.

    14. or your lapel.

    15. Get these custom painted princess TOMS.

    All the adorbs available here.

    16. Or THESE.

    17. Walk down the aisle in Actual Glass Slippers.

    18. Or these Awesome Evil Queen Pumps

    19. or Anna's boots from Frozen.

    20. Let everyone know who you belong to, now.

    21. Add a few Hidden Mickeys to your bouquet...

    22. ...or your toes...

    23. or your candles.

    Beeswax version available here. Cheaper version here.

    24. Have a subtle nod to Beauty and the Beast on your cake.

    25. or Alice in Wonderland.

    26. Get creative with your cake topper.

    27. Add a whimsical silhouette.

    With buried treasure! Cake ahoy! Entire Peter Pan wedding styled by Pink Parasol here.

    28. Serve Snow White-Inspired Candy Apples.

    29. Make an Enchanted flower centerpiece.

    30. Serve tea with cute tags.

    31. Put some Disney fun in your photobooth.

    Get them here and here.

    32. Have your guests leave their autographs in this authentic Disney autograph book.

    33. or this Beautiful one.

    On second thought, who needs subtle.