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There Are Way Too Many Sriracha Themed Things In The World Right Now

But I'm here for it, tbh.

Everyone with any taste buds at all knows that Sriracha is the lord's gift to every mouth.


But up until now you probably didn't know that you could put sriracha on LITERALLY all the things:

1. Put Sriracha on a tote!

Get it for $12.99.

2. Put Sriracha on pants!

Get them for $10.95.

3. Put Sriracha on a pillow!

Get it for $13.

4. Put Sriracha on wool socks!

Get them for $10.66.

5. Or crew socks!

Get them for $8.99.

6. Or "performance socks"!

Always ready 2 perform.

Get them for $12.95.

7. Or these socks that look like you did a murder!

Get them for $7.

8. Put Sriracha on a water bottle!

Get it for $10.95.

9. Or a large 20-ounce mug!

Get it for $12.99.

10. Put Sriracha on your phone!

Get it for $14.99.

11. Put Sriracha on your lunchbox!

Or your stash box, IDK your life.

Get it for $11.99.

12. Put Sriracha on your baby!

Kid's gotta learn.

Get it for $17.99.

13. Put Sriracha on a wallet!

Get it for $11.94.

14. Put Sriracha on your external power bank for your electronic devices!

I bet you thought this was just a regular old bottle of awesome sauce but it isn't!

Get it for $19.99.

15. Put Sriracha on a bucket hat!

Get it for $17.95

16. Or a beanie!

Get it for $19.95.

17. Or a hoodie that a ghost is wearing!

Get it for $49.95.

18. Put Sriracha on your whole upper body/head!

Change your life for only $26.95.

19. Put Sriracha on your Christmas tree!

Or wherever you like to hang your balls.

20. Put Sriracha on....wait.

21. Ok, this one looks kinda weird, no?

Something about that shape and the iconography?

22. Ohhhhhh, ok. Now I see it.

23. Well, ok, yeah, I guess that's where it was going all along.

24. :(

Go with god.

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