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16 Times Your Parents Will Definitely Walk Into The Room

I have no idea how that got up on my computer, I swear.

1. As soon as that one Ludacris song comes on shuffle.

2. When you decide to try on your weirdest underwear combination.

Screen Gems

3. When you're trying to nail that Arianna Grande solo in the shower.

Screen Gems

4. During the only sex scene of every movie ever.

Walt Disney Pictures

5. When you've just taken your pants off and you decide to do a little dance.

6. When you're on the phone finally telling your BFF what you did with your crush.


7. When your significant other leans in just a little too close.

8. When that porn window just popped up on your computer, I don't know how it got there.

Mark Burnett Productions

9. When you're trying to make the perfect selfie face.


10. When your sibling is finally doing that weird trick you taught them.

A Very Good Production Inc.

11. When you're watching "Guardians of the Galaxy" and crying about Groot (again).

Columbia TriStar Television

12. When you're flipping through channels and stop for just one second on that shower scene.

Nickelodeon Network

13. When it's really not what it looks like.

Castle Rock Entertainment

14. When you're face-timing with Bae.


15. When you're talking to yourself in the mirror.

Warner Bros.

16. When you're just trying to learn to twerk.

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