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42 Money-Saving Tips Every Makeup Addict Needs To Know

Less money, more makeup.

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1. If you buy a lipstick but don't like the color, layer it with another brand to make it last longer and look better.

You can also add lip liner underneath or lip gloss on top to darken or lighten a shade that doesn't flatter you. See more here.

2. Get the last of any liquid makeup out of a tube using hot water and a small container, like a contact case.

Simply melt the product by setting it in warm water, then pour it out into a more shallow container. See the full instructions here.


12. Reuse old brushes from more expensive brands in new bottles of cheaper mascara.

The brush is often what you're paying more for, so reusing can save you a lot of money. Just rinse your brush in hot water to get rid of clumps and you're ready to go.


15. Save money on liquid foundation by applying with a brush instead of a sponge.

Sponges absorb foundation so they use it up quickly. Instead, apply with a brush or a cotton round then blend with a sponge. See more about how to apply foundation here.

16. If you buy online at,, or, you get free samples.

Samples are great for trying out products you don't know whether you like, and also serve as free travel-size products for trips. See more tips on getting the most of your sample sizes here.

17. Keep an eye out for blog sales from beauty bloggers.

Bloggers who get sent or purchase too many products will often have sales of the unused ones at a steep discount. Check your favorite beauty blogs, this site, or search Bloglovin' for sales.


20. Before you buy a whole bottle of perfume, ask the store for a few sample sizes.

You'll want to try it out for a couple of days to make sure you don't get tired of it before you invest. Almost all stores are happy to give you trial vials.

22. Doing the math can pay off: Some brands like Benefit sell smaller versions of popular products that are actually cheaper per ounce than the larger versions.


25. Lots of websites list the cheaper versions, or dupes, of high end products.

Places like this and this catalog every color and brand meticulously so you know which cheaper brands are the same shade and consistency, saving you big bucks.

26. And make sure to follow GlamCenter on Instagram for daily dupes.

Follow them here.


27. Buy off-season shades to save cash.

Most brands rack up the prices of certain colors that are "in season," (bright colors in the summer, pastels in the spring, jewels and nude tones in the fall) even if they carry those shades year round. Stock up on the colors you like in the off season to avoid markup.


36. Or, for easier travel, learn how to de-tube your lipsticks and transfer them to a pot.

This is also better for brush applications and when you want to try and mix shades for a new hue altogether. Instructions here.

37. Store your makeup in the fridge to make it last longer.

Products that have oil, like lipsticks and liners and foundation, will eventually go rancid. And if your home is at drastically different temperatures throughout the year, it can damage your cosmetics. Keep them fresh as long as possible by storing them in a cool, dry place like the fridge.


40. Check the description box on YouTube tutorial and haul videos for discount codes.

Lots of bloggers have partnerships with their favorite brands and they pass the savings on to you. Make sure to check the full description for deals.

42. If you get a product home and don't like it, just take it back! Almost all makeup stores and drugstores accept gently used makeup returns.

It can be life changing to feel OK buying makeup without testing it in the store and still have the option of getting your money back.