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54 Ways To Make Your Cubicle Suck Less

Your second home shouldn't feel like a jail.

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7. Get a plant to add some color and life.

Succulents are a great choice because they don't need much care and they don't have pollen (which can irritate your office mates with allergies). See more cubicle-appropriate foliage here.

17. Make some DIY rice-and-beans-filled bookends from fabric scraps.

Eucalyptus leaves are also a great "plant" addition that adds green but doesn't require work. Plus, it smells great! Get the DIY tutorial here.

20. For extra snazz, use some decorative pushpins.

Get these wood ones, or other cool varieties.

23. Use string to hold mini-photos in a cute display.

31. Get some Magnetic Poetry for your filing cabinet.

Provides endless entertainment. Also good for leaving important notes. Get the official version here.

40. Use this easy coat hook to keep your things off your chair.

And by chair I mean floor. Get one here. If your walls are thin enough, you can also just hang a wooden coat hook if the hook part swivels.

47. Get a colorful dorm-sized fridge for under your desk.|12|||1|||||||refridgerator&bnrid=3799201&cm_ven=Affiliates

Or one of those tiny adorable desktop versions. No one will steal your yogurt ever again. Available here.