54 Ways To Make Your Cubicle Suck Less

Your second home shouldn’t feel like a jail.

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1. Raise your computer up to eye level.

It’s ergonomically easier on the neck. Get one of these handy laptop lifters, or DIY with some books or reams of paper.

2. Add some tassel flair.

Get these paper tassels here. Or, DIY your own.

3. Instead of a boring blotter, use a cool carpet sample.

Bonus: They’re usually cheap or free! See more at House Beautiful.

4. Give your bulletin board some campaign flair by adding some L brackets.

See how here.

5. Get a fancy calendar.

These are the best.

6. Make your desktop background a work of art.

Or a motivating message, like this one.

7. Get a plant to add some color and life.

Succulents are a great choice because they don’t need much care and they don’t have pollen (which can irritate your office mates with allergies). See more cubicle-appropriate foliage here.

8. If you don’t have room for a big plant, try one of these adorable mini-succulent magnets.

Get one here.

9. Or, try a tiny air plant, which requires zero work.

(It’s that tiny one in the cute giraffe planter.) Get one here.

10. If you really don’t want to take care of anything, this faux-plant pen holder still adds a touch of green.

Get it here.

11. Add googly eyes to all your office supplies.

12. Make a large-scale “mural” by splitting an image into printable-sized parts.

Easily split images with this tutorial.

13. Add a lamp to create instant warmth.

Kimberly Michelle / pinterest.com

Fluorescent lighting never helped anyone. If your cubicle doesn’t get a lot of sun, try getting a full-spectrum bulb that simulates natural light.

14. Or, string up some Christmas lights for a little extra glam.

15. DIY a chandelier with some string lights.

Probably a good idea to ask first.

16. Up your Post-it Note game with these adorable banner notes.

Get them here.

17. Make some DIY rice-and-beans-filled bookends from fabric scraps.

Eucalyptus leaves are also a great “plant” addition that adds green but doesn’t require work. Plus, it smells great! Get the DIY tutorial here.

18. Or, make some super-easy DIY book ends by spray painting rocks gold.

See more from the geniuses at DesignLoveFest.

19. Tack up some inspirational quotes.

Get some cool font-spiration here.

20. For extra snazz, use some decorative pushpins.

Get these wood ones, or other cool varieties.

21. Put your decor in cheap matching frames for an easy upgrade.

22. If you have fabric walls, use the toothy side of Velcro to hold frames up.


23. Use string to hold mini-photos in a cute display.

24. Spruce up your mousepad with some paint and tape.

Directions here.

25. Upgrade your office supplies.

Get the most colorful gear ever here. Or more rustic equipment here.

26. Use T-Pins to create a DIY pegboard to organize supplies.

Get some here.

27. Or make hanging clips for your cubicle walls with this paper clip hack.

Full directions here.

28. Get a sweet mug to drink your free office coffee.

Available here.

29. Or, get some pretty coasters to improve those basic office mugs.

Make some DIY gold-rimmed coasters with this tutorial.

30. Take your coffee game up a notch and BYO French press and beans.

31. Get some Magnetic Poetry for your filing cabinet.

Provides endless entertainment. Also good for leaving important notes. Get the official version here.

32. Use a tray to keep everything organized.

Kristin Clark / Living Color Print / livingincolorprint.com

33. Or this organizer that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Get one here.

34. Keep your desktop clear by utilizing the vertical space of your walls.

Get this cool file holder here.

35. Spray paint some recycled berry baskets for easy storage.

36. DIY an organizer with this origami tutorial.

37. Replace your chair with a hammock chair.

(Probably a good idea to ask your boss first/make sure the ceiling can support this crazy idea.)

38. On second thought, just make your existing chair more comfortable with a cool pillow.

Add a throw that you can use as warmth when your office is FREEZING.

39. Or, just use a cool sheepskin over the chair.

40. Use this easy coat hook to keep your things off your chair.

And by chair I mean floor. Get one here. If your walls are thin enough, you can also just hang a wooden coat hook if the hook part swivels.

41. Get an “active footrest” to keep your legs from getting cramped.

These types of ergonomic footrests are perfect for anyone who gets antsy sitting down for too long. Get one here.

42. Use colorful fabric or wallpaper as a backdrop on your boring walls.

See more here.

43. Or add some gold confetti to the wall for a festive touch.

Simply cut out some circles from gold paper. Or follow this tutorial.

44. Add a mirror to make your tiny desk jail feel more spacious.

Plus, you’ll be able to see if anyone is lurking in your doorway. See more here.

45. Upgrade your filing cabinets with patterned or colored contact paper.

Sweet Anne Designs / saynotsweetanne.com

See more here.

46. Use this genius method of paper organizing to keep your files in working order.

Making an “action” pile is the best way to stay on top of urgent items. See the full method here.

47. Get a colorful dorm-sized fridge for under your desk.

Or one of those tiny adorable desktop versions. No one will steal your yogurt ever again. Available here.

48. Use a room divider to create some semblance of privacy.

It might not lock but it’s a start.

49. Use an old tree branch and a vintage belt to make this minimalist display for notes and pens.

Get the instructions here.

50. Use this guide to feng shui your desk.

See how here.

51. Dress up your keyboard with these sleek stickers.

Easily removable (for when you get upgraded to the corner office). Get them here.

52. Or, make your own key covers with washi tape.

Directions here.

53. Make these easy catchall wall pockets with corkboard and leather.

See how here.

54. Use your whiteboard to write motivational (and funny) messages.

See more here.

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