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How To Get The Grungy, But Trying Look For Less Than $250

Update your post-college pad.

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1. Dali Poster, $28

Nothing says flexible view of reality like a Dali. Upgrade a little by framing. Or make your own frame with tape.

2. Wireless Speaker & Alarm Clock, $35

Stop using your phone as an alarm clock. But you can still use it to play music with this cool multi-functional piece.

3. Gold Task Lamp, $50

Adding a little gold or brass can make any room seem like it's a little more polished.

4. Kustruta Duvet, $40

Do you have a lot of plaid in your closet? That's because plaid is so great and effortless and easy to look at and match with things. Just do plaid on everything. Mis-matched plaid is grungy-cool but it also never looks as grungy as white/plain sheets do.

5. Step Stool. $20

This natural stool works as seating and a nightstand.