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17 Perfect Gifts For The Health-Conscious Person You Know

Gettin' healthy for the holidays.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This 8-in-1 tool makes it easier to cook AND keep your kitchen organized.

No more junk drawer..

Get it for $10 from Amazon.

2. Make your water even more delicious with this handy fruit-infusing water bottle.

It includes a "sweat sleeve" to make it even easier to carry.

Get it for $14 on Amazon.

3. An extremely beautiful toothbrush will encourage oral health.

Plus you can subscribe to new toothbrush heads.

Get it starting at $25 from Quip.

4. And a trendy floss subscription will help you remember to treat your gums right.

Instagram: @getcocofloss

Starting at $3.50 a month from Cocofloss.

5. The world's prettiest yoga mat will inspire even the most reluctant yogis.

Get it for $98 from Urban Outfitters.

6. This device cleans 99.99% of bacteria off your phone in 5 minutes.

It works with any size phone, even with the case on. And you can even charge while it cleans.

Get it for $59 from Amazon.

7. This band supports boobs when running even better than a sports bra.

Starting at $30 from Amazon.

8. A cookbook that helps make clean eating simple and fun.

Get it for $15 from Amazon.

9. The sleek Fitbit Alta is a tiny fitness tracker that is as stylish as it is motivating.

Read our full review of the new Fitbits here.

Get it for $130 from Amazon.

10. Turn your favorite veggies into healthy chips with this microwave chip maker.

Get the set for $24 from Amazon.

11. "Days" of the week undies might actually inspire you to run every day.

Get them for $65 from Oiselle.

12. A minimalist journal helps you keep track of your nutrition and fitness.

Get it for $25 from Amazon.

13. Stylish athleisure-wear will make going to the gym less of a hassle.,

Get the leggings for $185 and the jacket for $168 from Bandier.

14. This individual-serving pasta basket lets you make healthy portions (or just mix-and-match varieties).

Get it for $10 from Amazon.

15. This personal blender makes homemade smoothie breakfasts easier than ever.

Get it for $25 from Amazon.

16. A ropeless jump rope kit will encourage working out without the stumbles.

Get it for $28 from Amazon.

17. The Brain-Science coloring book uses neurological research to tackle stress management.

Get the set for $23 from Amazon.

For even more gift ideas, check out our segment on">The Dr. Oz Show where we talk about the health-related gifts we're obsessed with this year!

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