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    These Cheap And Fancy Faux Brass Hangers Will Upgrade Your Space

    Rock out with your air plant out.

    If you've been on Etsy or walked into a West Elm recently you've probably seen these fancy brass hangers around. Here's an easy and cheap way to make one yourself!

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    Here's What You'll Need:


    - Drinking Straws

    - Longer Straws (18"+)

    - Thin Wire

    - Gold Spray Paint


    - Wire Cutters

    Cut the 8 standard straws down to 4 inches. Cut the long straws into 4 pieces measuring 9 inches each.

    On a 4' piece of wire, thread 4 of the 4 inch straws.

    Coil the ends around each other to hold in place.

    On one of the wire ends, thread on a 9 inch straw. One the other end, thread on two 4 inch straws.

    On a new piece of 4 foot long wire, thread one of the 4 inch straws.

    Thread the last two 9 inch straws to the top, and wrap two of the excess wires around the other two.

    Spray paint with bronze or gold paint in a well-ventilated area.

    These hangers are surprisingly sturdy, and can be used to hold small plants or ceramic jewelry bowls that measure 3-4 inches in diameter.

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