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This Is The Only Thing You Should Make With Your Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkey, bacon and two kinds of cheese. Enough said.

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Created in 1926 at the Louisville Brown Hotel, this open-faced bacon-heavy sandwich was literally invented to serve as a perfect late night snack.

Lauren Zaser for BuzzFeed

It just so happens that it's also the perfect use for leftover Thanksgiving turkey. And, it's the best hangover food of all time. (For when your family took this seriously.)

Here's everything you'll need:

Lauren Zaser for BuzzFeed

1. Paprika (optional topping)

2. Turkey (White meat/ dark meat/ whatever is left)

3. Bacon (2-3 pieces per person)

4. 2-3 tablespoons of flour

5. Parmesan cheese (optional topping)

6. Bread, toasted

7. 1/2 stick of butter

8. i lb. Velveeta


Put your concoction under the broiler for just a few minutes, until the top turns this crispy golden brown.

Lauren Zaser for BuzzFeed

You'll want to watch it carefully, it can burn quickly. You should still see a lot of the yellow cheese un-browned.

For a pure experience, sprinkle on some Paprika and you're good to go.

Pairs EXCEPTIONALLY well this way with your leftover cranberry sauce.