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    42 Amazingly Fun And Useful Things You Print For Free

    Dust off that printer. Let’s take it for a ride.

    1. A Globe

    2. Popcorn Boxes

    3. A Pinhole Camera

    Instructions and PDF here.

    4. Graph Paper

    Print your own here and here. Then get to class!

    5. Cards Against Humanity

    The game is in the public domain so you can print it for free right from its website.

    Pro Tip: You can get these printed on card stock at Staples or Kinko's for around $6.

    6. A Protractor

    Throwback to geometry! Print your own here.

    7. A Customized Wallet

    8. Dice

    You can print number, dot, and even 12-sided die here. Or customize your own die here.

    9. These Adorable Matchbook Office Supply Covers

    10. Playing Cards

    11. Music Staff Paper

    Get the PDF here.

    12. Placesettings

    For when you want to be fAnCy. Get it here.

    13. Rulers

    Print your own here.

    14. Toy Roads

    Get them here.

    15. Tiny Adorable Gift Boxes

    Template here.

    16. Stencils

    Get them here.

    17. Pie Boxes

    Get the instructions here.

    18. Wrapping Paper

    Get this print here.

    19. Moving Box Labels

    Get this template here.

    20. A Cooks Helper Conversion Chart

    Never forget: 2 pints = 1 quart. Get the printable here.

    21. Thank You Cards

    22. Calendars

    So many pretty designs, printable here.

    23. A Goal Chart

    First goal: Print this chart. Get it here.

    24. Quilting Patterns

    Get the template here.

    25. Custom CD Cases

    Take your mixes to the next level. Make one here.

    26. A Paper Browser Wireframe

    Plan your web designs IRL. Get them here.

    27. Seed Savers

    28. House-shaped Luminaries

    Get the template here.

    29. Paper Airplane Templates

    Get them here.

    30. A Family Planner

    31. Toy Fruit

    Instructions here.

    32. Dresser Drawer Labels

    The cure for the boring dresser. Get them here.

    33. Safari Gift Labels

    34. 3D Wall Letters

    35. Gift Bows

    Available here.

    36. Banner Letters

    Print the whole alphabet here and here.

    37. Vintage Flash Cards

    Available here.

    38. A Wreath

    Get the instructions here.

    39. Decorative Note Sheets

    40. Storyboard Templates

    41. Monopoly Money

    Pad your bank account with extra cash. Get it here.

    42. My Little Pony Coloring Sheets

    For that special Brony in your life. Print it here.